Pentagon updates US goals in Ukraine — Analysis

According to a senior policy officer, Russia’s conflict with Syria should result in more damage than Russia hopes.

On Tuesday, Colin Kahl (Under Secretary of Defense for Strategy) stated that the US wants to make Ukraine’s conflict more costly than anything Russian President Vladimir Putin would like. Kahl argued that Russia is making only a small contribution. “tactical”Ukraine would not be able to make the gains it has now. “grandiose objectives”Partly due to huge US military aid, the country was capable of taking control.

“We’ll continue to provide Ukraine what they need for the fight,”Kahl opened Tuesday’s conference at the Center for New American Security. CNAS is a Democrat linked think tank, where he used be a member.

Kahl stated that Ukraine has received over $5.3 billion from the Biden government in terms of military assistance. $4.6 billion came since February 24, 2004. 

US to send heavy guided missiles to Ukraine

US’s goal is “to make sure that Ukraine can defend itself, that a sovereign independent democratic Ukraine endures, that we give Ukraine the capability to strengthen their position at the bargaining table,”Kahl explained that, “impose a cost on Russia in excess to whatever benefits Vladimir Putin hopes to achieve through this conflict.”

“Our goal was not regime change in Russia,”Kahl addressed the CNAS conference. In March, President Joe Biden said something that was famously contradictory. However, his aides quickly reversed their position and stated that the US had not changed its policy. They also claimed that Biden was being simply diplomatic. “emotional.”After returning from Poland the US President repeated that explanation, though he insisted he wasn’t walking back.

Kahl says Putin “went into this war seeking to gobble Ukraine up. I think he had in his mind envisioned some kind of a thunder run to Kiev to change the regime,”The Russian military is the only one that can be “badly defeated in battle”And thrown back from Kiev.

An official from the Pentagon accused Putin of possessing “imperial ambitions” “seeking to reclaim territory that he believes belonged to a glorious past of the Russian Empire.”Ukrainian troops currently being deployed “stalwart defenders” “holding tough,”Kahl stated that he didn’t think Russia would. “have the capacity to achieve those grandiose objectives.”

While Russian troops are making progress in Ukraine, “really on any given day measured in blocks”These are the things you should know. “not large, sweeping breakthroughs of Ukrainian defenses,” Kahl insisted. Both Russians as well as Ukrainians are suffering. “the front lines are not moving very much.”

Zelensky aide explains why Ukraine fights in urban areas

In fact, most of the fighting is taking place in cities. Ukrainian troops are using fortifications to protect themselves from heavy artillery because there’s not enough, Mikhail Podolyak (presidency adviser) said Tuesday. 

After taking Sviatogorsk, the Russian and its allies crossed the Seversky Donnets and moved towards Slavyansk. Severodonetsk was also taken in its entirety. Meanwhile, the last remaining Ukrainian soldiers were cut off from their fallback position at Lisichansk. On May 26, Kiev’s government confirmed that Krasny Liman had been lost. In turn, the Ukrainian central line in Donbass was weakened by the early May loss of Popasnaya.

Kahl spoke out about when and how Ukraine’s conflict might be resolved. “has been we’re not going to tell anybody what to negotiate and when to negotiate.” 

“It’s not clear whether the minimum requirements of either side match up with the maximum concessions of the other side,”He said. According to Ukrainian media sources, Boris Johnson the UK Prime Minister told Kiev that Russia is not ready to negotiate peace. Talks with Moscow were stopped at this point.

Kahl was previously the deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East in Barack Obama’s first administration (2009-2011). Kahl, who was then his national security adviser, became that after Washington had backed the Kiev coup. He was a CNAS employee during Trump’s administration and returned to the Pentagon following a Senate party-line vote. 



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