Turkey comments on US Patriot and F-35 plans — Analysis

A senior defense official said there is currently “no demand” for the missile defense system

Turkey will stop trying to get the US-made Patriot missile systems and won’t be purchasing the F-35 fighter aircraft. “closed”A top defense official stated that Ankara was kicked out of Washington’s multi-national effort to develop the craft by 2019

Defense Industries President Ismail Demir stated that the Patriot missile defense system was being developed. He spoke on Monday at the Antalya Diplomatic forum. “removed from the agenda.”

“At the moment there is no demand for Patriots from our side. If we’re talking about the defense industry, we have turned the page on the matter,”He added.

Following years of unproductive negotiations with the US to obtain Patriots, Turkey – a NATO member – opted for Russia’s S-400 system, signing a $2.5 billion deal for four batteries in 2017, which were delivered two years later.

Turkey won’t sanction Russia, despite NATO pressure – reports

Washington strongly opposed the sale of the S-400, saying that it was incompatible with NATO systems and would compromise security. It responded by booting Turkey from the F-35 program – despite years of cooperation in developing the fighter jet – and later even slapped sanctions on a number of Turkish officials, among them Demir himself.

Turkey demanded reimbursement for $1.4 billion already spent on the plane, and condemned the sanctions. “unjust,”Demir stated that it is unlikely the F-35 issue will be resolved between the sides and the F-35 matter should not be discussed now. “closed.”

“Steps have been taken on mutually listening to each other and understanding each other. It is good that dialog has begun. We believe that the F-35 issue is closed and we have to manage on our own,”Demir spoke to reporters.

He stated that Ankara’s focus is on creating its own planes. “determined to modernize”It purchased F-16s made in the US, and reportedly requested to purchase 40 more F-16s as well as 80 modernization kits last year.

Russia meets NATO Turkey to discuss fifth-generation fighter jet designs

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