Pentagon outlines ‘equity’ priorities

The US Department of Defense promises to make procurement and education more gender-friendly.

Pentagon published this “Equity Action Plan” detailing its progress in implementing President Joe Biden’s very first executive order and outlining what the US military intends to do next to embed the idea of “equity” in everything it does – ranging from embracing transgender soliders to making sure artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t racist.

It is the military’s goal to have “a holistic strategy for continuing to cultivate enduring and equitable change,”The document was dated April 13, but it was made public on Friday. Executive order 13985 was the first document Biden signed following his swearing-in to office in January 2021.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin highlighted the February 2021 event as one example of the many accomplishments of the Pentagon. “stand-down”All DOD personnel should be notified “extremist ideologies” that will not be tolerated in the military, and reversing the Trump administration’s prohibitions on the use of critical race theory and transgender Americans serving in the military.

Current DOD Policy “provides a means by which transitioning Service members may obtain gender-affirming medical treatment and recognition of their self-identified gender, and seeks to protect the privacy of all Service members,”In the report, the Pentagon made a note.

The plan outlines a 5-point strategy for embedding the future goals. “equity”In everything that the military does starting with “ambitious equitable procurement and contracting agenda”This would allow for a reorganization of the supply chain, and more possibilities. “small disadvantaged businesses”And “traditionally underserved entrepreneurs”To obtain Pentagon contracts

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The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia outside Washington, DC is seen in this aerial photograph, April 23, 2015
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Second, we want to improve the quality of our lives. “underserved” communities living near US military installations – mainly Native Americans but also residents of Guam – and having to deal with unexploded ordnance, consequences of old nuclear tests, and other issues that come with the territory.

Families of military personnel “underserved” communities will also get a hand to address food insecurity, job prospects and education – through the lens of “culturally responsive teaching strategies.”DOD plans to increase investments in Minority Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

A notable objective is to research artificial intelligence with equity in mind. This will help to prevent cases where AI face recognition algorithms are used. “difficulty recognizing darker skinned individuals”Oder könnte sein “learning and magnifying the biases of human screeners.”

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UK soldiers in Afghanistan © AFP / Tauseef Mustafa
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AI could help the DOD “map innovative new pathways toward greater equity in hiring, promotion, retention, and workforce management,”The report stated that while “Well-designed and continuously tested systems will also ensure that when we must use the tools of lethality, that we do so in keeping with our national values.”

Biden’s very first executive order, enacted on January 20, 2021, ordered the US government to focus on advancing “Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities.”The US used to have laws and policies that focused on equality for everyone, but now the White House emphasizes this. “equity,”Definition of equal outcome.



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