Migrant influx hits record high in 2021 — Analysis

As the UK tried to stop the boat trafficking, a record number emigrated via the Channel from 2021.

Over 28,000 migrants traveled in small boats across the Channel from France to the UK in 2021, more than triple the previous year’s figures, with sometimes tragic consequences, the media reported, citing government data.

The media analysis of the UK government’s figures showed that 2021 saw a significant spike in people smugglers transporting individuals across one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes in the hope of securing asylum in Britain.

At least 28,395 migrants reached the UK in 2021, according to the PA’s analysis. According to the BBC, there were approximately 28,431 people. This number was more than three times higher than the 2020 figure. The issue of people traveling across the Channel became an important point of contention for France and Britain.

The November arrivals of 6,869 individuals on British shores was the largest ever. This is due to favorable weather conditions that allowed for a record 1,185 people to arrive within a day.

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Although many migrants were able to travel to Britain safely, others suffered horrendous fates. A total of 27 migrants died in the Channel after they tried to board an inflatable raft. Although the majority of victims were men, seven children, one teenager aged 16 and another child, died in their attempts to reach Britain.

The tension between France and Britain has grown as one side blames another for continuing to flow migrants. During 2021 France’s President Emmanuel Macron reportedly called Boris Johnson the UK Prime Minister “a clown”While Britain publicly condemned Paris’s migrant crisis, it was done so in secret.

Jean Castex, French Prime Minister, rejected the UK’s proposal to establish a Channel patrol of dual nations in order to counter migration in a December letter. Dismissing Britain’s idea, Castex argued that having UK “police or soldiers patrol on our coasts” would potentially violate France’s “sovereignty.”

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