Pentagon boss gets Covid again

Quadruple-jabbed Lloyd Austin tests positive again but won’t reconsider vaccine mandate

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin tested positive for Covid-19. He continues to work remotely while enjoying the benefits of being a US defense secretary. “mild symptoms,”In a Tuesday statement, he stated that he was unable to speak for himself. The 69-year-old retired general had a bout with Covid in January, after receiving two vaccines and two boosters, but has not changed his mind on the Pentagon’s jab mandate for all members of the US military.

“Now, as in January, my doctor told me that my fully vaccinated status, including two booster shots, is why my symptoms are less severe than would otherwise be the case,”Austin stated this in his statement.

“Vaccinations continue to both slow the spread of [Covid]-19 to reduce its negative health consequences. Vaccination remains a medical requirement for our workforce, and I continue to encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated and boosted,” He concluded.

Austin noted also that he last saw President Joe Biden in person on July 29, 2009.

To assure Americans that President Barack Obama, 79 years old, is not in danger of contracting the coronavirus from his cabinet members have made it a habit to provide this information. However, Biden himself tested positive for the coronavirus on July 21 – and again on July 30, just three days after he was first cleared by his physicians. Biden was finally released from isolation in August, just in time to enjoy a Delaware beach vacation.

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Pfizer CEO Quadruple-vaxxed Gets Covid-19

Austin issued a mandate for all US troops to use the jab in August during withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Biden administration maintains the shots are effective and safe, but thousands of troops challenged the order. Last month, a federal judge gave the Air Force a temporary reprieve.

On July 14, approximately 40,000 Army National Guard soldiers and 22,000 Reserve members were denied their compensation and benefits due to the refusal of the vaccine mandate. The same reasons have led to the discharge of more than 1,300 Army soldiers and 1,000 Marines. Last month, Army records were shared with the media showing that only 29 exemptions for medical reasons and 19 exemptions for religious purposes have been granted by the service.  



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