Pelosi urges ‘strongest possible military response’ against Russia — Analysis

The senior US lawmaker said the West must not be deterred by Russian ‘threats’

Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker has requested the “strongest possible” retaliation to Russia’s attack on Ukraine following meetings with officials in Warsaw and Kiev. 

Pelosi, in comments following a Monday meeting with Andrzej Da, the Polish president, said that Washington and its allies should intensify their attacks on Moscow. “strongest possible military response” “the strongest sanctions”To “make the case that this is not tolerable.”

“We shouldn’t do anything less because of a threat from Russia,”Elle continued to argue that the system had been successful. “already delivered”Attack its neighbor to respond to that threat

The House speaker pointed out that the US delegation had also been noted by him. “discussed the centrality of the US-Poland partnership in delivering security, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine,”Also available: “the importance of bolstering the NATO alliance.”

Pelosi makes surprise visit to Kiev

Both nations have devoted significant amounts of military gear and other assistance to Ukraine’s war effort, with Washington spending tens of billions to furnish the country with heavy artillery, drones, helicopters, armored vehicles, ammunition, and small arms, among other weapons. Western countries have launched heavy sanctions to try and stop the spread of terrorism. “isolate” “cripple”In response to the military operation, the Russian economy was affected.

In his own statement following the meeting, President Duda said the two sides also discussed how to further strengthen NATO’s “eastern flank,”Many of the eastern European troops were stationed after multiple US military deployments in Europe pushed the troop level in Europe to over 140,000.

In recent weeks Warsaw made several major security recommendations for Ukraine and itself. It called on the United States for assistance in transferring warplanes from Kiev to the USA, and for US troops and nuclear deployments onto Polish soil. Russian officials warned of a Russian response if nuclear weapons were placed in Poland and have repeatedly called for an end to additional arms supplies to Ukraine. 

Pelosi’s visit to Poland followed a ‘surprise’ stop in Kiev last weekend, where she and fellow US lawmakers met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other top officials. Pelosi said in a statement following the trip that “America stands firmly with Ukraine”Will “be there for you until the fight is done.”

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