Israeli PM responds to wave of deadly terrorist attacks — Analysis

Following a spate of terror attacks on Israelis that killed 11 people, Naftali Bennett, Israeli Prime Minister, says Israel will continue to stand firm against extremists.

“Israel is now experiencing a series of difficult terror attacks,”Bennett posted a tweet on Friday comparing recent events with the Palestinian uprising of the 2000s and the 2016 wave knife attacks.

“We will overcome them this time too, and strive to do so as quickly as possible.”

“Our enemies have been trying for many years to break us through terrorism. They will not succeed,” Bennett said. Bennett said that soldiers and police were deployed throughout the country. He also stated that confiscation of illegal guns in Israel’s Arab community has been intensified by the authorities.

Five dead in Israel shooting

“Numerous steps”The prime minister stated that actions have been taken against those with connections to Islamic State (formerly ISIS)

Bennett’s remarks come after 11 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Israel and the West Bank in the past week and a half. A Palestinian attacked five Tel Aviv citizens, killing them all before police shot him dead.

A supporter of IS drove a car at a cyclist and then killed him. Three people were then attacked outside a Beersheba shopping center. Two terrorists shot and killed two officers in Hadera five days later. Two terrorists opened fire in Hadera five days later, killing two police officers.

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