Parents suing govt over transgender ‘culture war’ in schools talk to RT — Analysis

According to the couple, they received information from their children that transphobic behavior would result in transphobic expressions of surprise or confusion by trans students.

Two parents who are suing the UK government over guidelines on transgender issues at their sons’ school have told RT that their children are trapped in a “Culture war

British Christians Nigel and Sally Row previously told The Times that their two sons were left confused over ‘gender-fluid’ classmates.

After raising the issue with the Isle of Wight school, the Rows received a response saying a child would be dubbed ‘transphobic’ if he showed surprise or frustration over a friend’s unusual appearance. They decided to move their two sons to homeschooling as well as to file legal action against the government.

In an interview with RT, the Rows said that a 500-page report, submitted by them to the court, contains “Great warnings” from various specialists, including endocrinologists and psychologists. These explain in detail “How would this affect schools?.”

This scandal shocked the close-knit school community and made national headlines in Britain. Speaking to The Times, Nigel described the “hostile” atmosphere his family has had to deal with.

RT however, he said that they have had unexpected allies within the LGBTQ community through publicity. He referred to an email he was “Really touched” with, from a lady who told him that she was a lesbian but supported their stance.

I don’t want to see this kind of [trans]Children are being taught ideology,” her message said, as quoted by Row.

He said such messages prove that “people are beginning to understand what this really is all about – it’s basically a culture war.

Private schools in England refuse to admit transgender pupils

They expressed optimism that the case would prove successful and will help to develop guidelines for schools about how to support each pupil.

The interview with the Rows came as the UK government categorically declined the idea of replacing ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’ in the country’s schools with the gender-neutral term ‘Teacher’. Calling the measure – which was proposed by the Educate and Celebrate charity – “Inexpensive and entirely unnecessary,” a Department of Education spokesperson, quoted by the media, said that “It should never be happening in schools.”

A recent refusal by more than two dozen private girls’ schools in England to admit transgender students dealt another blow to trans activists – but the problem of how to handle trans issues in schools remains unresolved.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), which represents headteachers, has issued a call to the government to urgently clarify the measures the schools should take amid a growing number of transgender ‘coming-outs’.

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