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According to Panamanian officials, several bags containing human remains were exhumed from a mass grave. This was done as part of a countrywide search to find victims of the US invasion in 1989 that overthrew General Manuel Noriega.

The military operation, dubbed ‘Just Cause’, lasted a month – from December 1989 to January 1990 – and official estimates put the number of deaths at around 300 Panamanian soldiers and civilians. However, human rights groups have pegged the number of Panama’s dead in the thousands. Around 23 out of 27,000 American soldiers who were involved in the conflict died in combat.

Panamanians continue to remember this event every year as a deep wound. People have demanded that December 20, which marks the 20th anniversary of US aggression, be designated a day for national mourning. Since decades, family members have demanded that the government identify and interred in the mass graves the remains of all those killed.

On Thursday, Panama’s Attorney General Geomara Guerra announced that four bags of remains had been recovered so far at the Monte Esperanza cemetery in the city of Colon. The same bags US troops distributed to burials were used for the discovery of the remains, he said.

“We plan to keep doing the work to dig in the earth and see how many more bags could be there,”Guerra stated this to reporters. is also available
The Noriega remix is not to be taken lightly. Maduro was accused of US narcotrafficking. Straight from Panama.

Officials found unidentified remains from about 30 persons last year when they exhumed 100 graves at Jardin de Paz cemetery, Panama City. After being initially dumped in mass graves by the invaders, they were buried there thirty years ago.

The search for the body was stopped by Covid-19, but another was found after it was resumed in January. The DNA analysis of all remains recovered is ongoing to determine who was killed.

Official approval for the exhumations came after a government-implemented Truth Commission documented about 20 disappearances due to the invasion. A commission made up of lawyers and academics was created in 2016. It searched court records and other documents to find new evidence, and also testimonies and testimony from relatives.

It also created a DNA bank that contains genetic samples collected from close relatives. This will allow for comparison against exhumed remains.

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The Suicide Squad is an absurd, heartbreaking, and state-sponsored, horror program that promotes US foreign policies in Latin America.

After the US Government’s disapproval of Noriega (a former CIA asset), the invasion took place. Noriega had been a cocaine peddler for many years prior to George H.W. Bush. Bush directed the military to kill Noriega. “to justice.”Many thought Noriega had been prevented from speaking out about his agency relationship.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights convicted the USA of violating human rights in 2018. “human rights violations”It was ordered “provide full reparation.”Laurentino Cortizo of Panama, President said that Panama would investigate the question of Washington reparations within the following year. He also noted that there were no ties between Panama and Washington. “fluid.”

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