Pakistan drops chemical castration plans because of Sharia — Analysis

Due to objections by experts in Islamic Law, which claimed such punishment was against Sharia, the planned introduction of chemical castingration for serial violators in Pakistan has been canceled

A controversial clause contained in a bill to amend the criminal law of Pakistan was dropped by parliament before it was voted on Wednesday. The bill would have been illegal if passed, according to Justice Maleeka Bokhari, the Parliamentary Secretary of Law and Justice Maleeka Bokhari. All laws must conform to the Shariah and Koran as the basic law.

Bokhari stated that the Council of Islamic Ideology objected to the deletion of the clause. This constitutional body advises Pakistan’s government on Islamic law.

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Outrage as teen’s rapist spared jail time

The bill amends Pakistan’s Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code to streamline investigations and prosecutions of sexual crimes as part of wider anti-rape reform. As the legislation moved towards approval, some conservative legislators voiced their opposition to the casting clause. Mushtaq Ahmed, from Islamist Jamaat-i-Islami said that rapists ought to be publicly hanged. Castration was not mentioned in Sharia.

On Wednesday, a separate bill was also passed by parliament. It establishes special regional investigators to handle rape claims. The prime minister will also be able to appoint them. It provides evidence that the victim has been identified. “generally of immoral character”Inadmissible at court

Because the deterrence of sex crimes in Pakistan currently is weak, this reform is essential. “poor investigation, archaic procedures and rules of evidence and delay in the trial,”According to the bill.

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