‘Stop unlimited power grab!’ Huge crowd protests in Melbourne against vaccine mandates & sweeping pandemic powers bill (VIDEOS) — RT World News

Large crowds of demonstrators rallied around Victoria’s state parliament, Australia in protest against a proposed pandemic bill which would give draconian powers and mandates to vaccine officials.

Photos and videos circulating on social media showed a vast crowd outside Parliament House in Melbourne, the state capital, on Saturday, where activists were seen holding signs and placards – one reading “Sack Dan,”Referring to Daniel Andrews, the state premier.

Similar chants calling for Andrews’ resignation were also heard erupting from the crowd while other slogans included “End the mandates!”, “Stop medical apartheid!” “We need Bill of Rights!”

At various points activists also spoke out, decrying a mandate to vaccine. “essential workers”It was also implemented in Victoria this month. A bill proposal is being considered by parliament and will replace Covid-19 emergency powers.

The controversial bill would amend a number of other laws if enacted, introducing the country’s steepest fines for non-compliance with health orders and even possible jail time. Anybody found guilty of deliberately violating a rule or placing another person at danger could spend up to 2 years in jail. Other rule-breakers can be fined up up to AU$90,000. There are fines for businesses found guilty of violating the rules, but the government will only impose maximum penalties. “rarely.”

On Tuesday the bill was presented to Parliament. The bill also gives Victoria’s Health officials power to declare new conditions of emergency or reimpose restrictions on pandemics, drawing condemnation from residents who have been accustomed to being in lockdown.

While Melbourne was placed under lockdown on six separate occasions beginning in March 2020, spending nearly nine months under stay-at-home orders cumulatively, the city’s restrictions were again eased on Friday, with travel bans and outdoor mask mandates lifted, among other things. Victoria is subject to Covid-19 measures. These include indoor entertainment venues with a 75% maximum capacity and outdoor gatherings limited to 30 people. 

Saturday’s demonstration in Melbourne appeared to breach the latter rule given its large turnout, however in contrast to previous protests in the city, police did not appear to have a forceful presence and it is unclear if any arrests were made.

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