Only thing missing is zombie invasion – Spanish PM — Analysis

Pedro Sanchez claims that his country is facing major problems, including the Ukraine conflict and the effects of the pandemic.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez spoke out Tuesday in an interview with TVE about the critical situation that Spain has faced over the past years.

Sanchez stated that his government had faced a flurry of problems since Sanchez took office, including the Covid-19 pandemic and La Palma’s volcano eruption, Storm Filomena and Monkeypox. He also discussed the conflicts in Ukraine, their economic effects, and how they have managed to address them.

When asked about low voter turnout for his government in Spain, the leader of Spanish democracy said that he sympathizes with the anger and frustration expressed by the population and was working hard to improve it. “turn these polls around.”

Spain suffered from price increases in all EU countries over the past 12 months. This was due to the impact of the Ukraine conflict, coronavirus pandemic, and Spain’s economic effects. As reported by Spain’s National Statistics Institute, consumer inflation in the country jumped to 10.7% in July, while prices for electricity rose by 49%, fuel and gas by 23.9%, and groceries by 13.5% over the past 12 months.

Spain will train troops from Ukraine – media

Concerning doomsday scenarios: The Spanish government has previously said that there are no protocols for a zombie apocalypse. This is in contrast to countries like the US or UK which have confirmed they have prepared for such an event.

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