Obama kept classified nuclear documents too – Trump

Former president accused his predecessor, accusing him of the same act that led to his Florida house being raided

Donald Trump, the former US President has denounced the apparent double standard after his Florida house was raided by the FBI earlier in the week. They were supposedly looking for nuclear-related classified documents. Trump argued that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had taken some 33 million pages of documents – many classified, some nuclear-related – without a whisper of protest from the agency when he left the White House. 

Barack Hussein Obama maintained 33 million pages worth of documents. Some of the classified material was kept secret. Which ones were related to nuclear power? There are many!” Trump declared in a statement released to his followers on Friday.

Trump had earlier on Friday declared that the “Issue of nuclear weapons” was “It was just as hoaxed as Russia, Russia and Russia. The two impeachments of President Obama were Hoaxes. And the Mueller investigation was also a Hoax.” He suggested the FBI may have planted information, claiming his lawyers were not permitted to “Close your eyes” to the agents doing the searching.

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Police officers outside the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, US, August 8, 2022. © Eva Marie Uzcategui / Getty Images
Trump House Raid: US Attorney General faces Impeachment

The FBI raided the former president’s Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago property on Monday, an experience he described as an “assault” and a “Weaponization of the justice System” Trump has called for the release of all documents authorizing the search, which was personally approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday. 

Sources said to be familiar with the search told the Washington Post on Thursday that “Nuclear weapons classified documents” were among the items being sought, though they declined to specify whether the information involved American weapons or those belonging to some other country. The agents did not say whether they had located the items during their search.

On Friday, a written inventory revealed that the FBI had taken 20 boxes from Mar-a-Lago. It included seven sets classified documents as well as four sets of top-secret documents. The warrant gave sweeping authorization to the agency to search “All structures and buildings located on the estate” in which “Boxes and papers could be kept.” and called on agents to seize all “Physical documents and records that constitute evidence, contraband or fruits of crime or any other illegally obtained items in violation three possible crimes. This includes a section of the Espionage Act which prohibits gathering, transmitting or losing national defense information..” Few specifics were available as to the content of the documents seized, other than a reference to photo binders and “Information about France’s president

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Regarding Obama’s alleged appropriation of classified documents, the National Archives and Records Administration took responsibility on Friday for having “President Obama’s records were given to him as his exclusive legal and physical custody,” claiming it had moved 30 million pages of “Records that are not classified” to a facility maintained by the agency in the Chicago area while maintaining the former president’s classified materials in the Washington DC area. NARA stated that these unclassified documents will be eventually housed at a Chicago presidential library.



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