NYC subway shooting suspect charged with terrorism — Analysis

Police say they still don’t know the motive behind Tuesday’s Brooklyn bloodbath

New York City Police arrested Frank R. James. He is suspected of shooting over 30 bullets into a packed subway station Tuesday. Federal charges against him for terroristic attack or violence on public transportation are pending. He could also be sentenced to life imprisonment, according to prosecutors Wednesday afternoon.

James, 62, was taken into custody in Manhattan’s East Village on Wednesday, about 30 hours after he allegedly shot up the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn. Despite no deaths, 10 victims were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds and 19 others sustained other injuries. An attacker opened fire at least 33 times, setting off smoke grenades inside a packed railcar.

Breon Peace, the US attorney for James, stated that James would be facing federal charges under a law that criminalizes terrorist acts and violence in transit systems. Peace stated that James did not have any ties to terrorist groups, either domestic or international. His motives, however, remained unknown.

Subway shooting suspect identified

The police report that an elderly African-American man was arrested in New York for burglary and larceny. He also trespassed. “criminal sex act,”The theft of property and other crimes, which dates back to the 1990s.

The gun used in the shooting was tracked to a pawn shop in Ohio, where James bought it – legally – in 2011. He was believed to have traveled up to New York on Monday in a U-Haul van, which was discovered outside the station. 

According to AP authorities are now investigating the financial records of Mr. Sullivan and his telephone records. They also want to know hours spent on his phone calls. “rambling, profanity-filled videos James posted on YouTube and other social media platforms”In search of a reason.

A Monday video shows James condemning crime against black Americans while urging for serious action. “It’s not going to get better until we make it better,”According to AP, he stated that only certain people could make things better. “stomped, kicked and tortured” Out of the “comfort zone.”

“This nation was born in violence, it’s kept alive by violence or the threat thereof and it’s going to die a violent death. There’s nothing going to stop that,”According to reports, he said it in another video.

It was not possible to independently verify these reports, as James’ YouTube channel has been banned for “violating community guidelines.”

Several injured in NY subway shooting (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

AP reported that James also mentioned NYC subways in social media posts. He called himself a “A” and referred to himself by this name. “victim” of the city’s mental health programs, and criticized the new mayor Eric Adams – also African-American – for his plan to end gun violence. 

Keechant Sewell, Police Commissioner has called for the video recordings “concerning” and bolstered Adams’ security detail, as the mayor quarantined with Covid-19.

Newsweek reports that James was flagged by the FBI as a possible terrorist. He was placed on a watchlist and cleared him later after several interviews.



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