Belarus blocks humanitarian aid for migrants camping on border – Poland — RT World News

The Polish President Andrzej duda stated that Poland wanted to offer humanitarian aid to the migrants who established a camp near its border to Belarus. But Minsk refused to accept it.

The Belarusian authorities didn’t let a single aid convoy in, Duda complained after an urgent National Security Bureau meeting on Tuesday. also available
Polish guards don’t let migrants on Belarus border sleep – RT reporter on the ground

The migrants were lacking food and water, RT’s correspondent reported after visiting the makeshift camp on the border between the two countries. The Polish security forces also prevented them from sleeping, according to him. They used spotlights on the migrants and played discouragement audio messages. “go home.”

Duda described ongoing events as “amazing.” “hybrid action”Belarus against Poland, and the EU. Minsk’s authorities are responsible for the attack. “an unprecedented manner,”He insisted on the use of the migrants they had invited to Belarus.

How thousands of migrants tried to take Belarus-Poland border by storm

According to the Polish President, he has already spoken with NATO and other EU countries about the current crisis, as well as exiled Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tykhanovskaya. “We’re going to defend the border together with our allies,” he vowed.

After some 3,000 asylum seekers in Europe tried to enter Poland, security forces from Poland stopped them from entering the country. 

Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian president, stated that Minsk will no longer hold back migrants trying to enter Europe through its territory in June. 

Following the announcement, reports indicated that there was an increase in flights to the country via turbulent Middle East/North Africa regions. At the same time, Belarus’ neighbors sounded the alarm over a growing number of attempts to breach their borders. 

Belarusian officials have stated that they would only talk to the EU about the situation after lifting all the sanctions, including airspace restrictions. These were placed on Minsk by the bloc after it grounded an Irish Ryanair flight in May with Roman Protasevich (opposition blogger) on board. 

Belarus denies that it led the migrants across the Polish border to Poland or used its soldiers to protect them.

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Poland and Germany can’t handle migrant crisis on Belarus border alone – German interior minister

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