7 Times When You Will Be Grateful to Have Dental Insurance

Having dental insurance makes it infinitely easier to access routine dental care. Preventative treatments and regular exams can keep a wealth of progressive and potentially painful issues at bay. However, there are guaranteed to be plenty of times when you’ll be grateful that you’ve found this coverage.

1. Your Filling Falls Out

When dental fillings fall out people find themselves dealing with uncomfortable, functional, and aesthetic issues. Depending upon the location of your filling, even cracking a slight smile can make you feel self-conscious in most social settings. When it comes time to eat, the jagged edges of the damaged tooth may scrape against your tongue or your cheek to create painful abrasions. More importantly, a missing filling will leave a massive opening in your tooth that allows food and bacteria to get in. If issues like these aren’t fixed fast, they can lead to severe infections and eventual tooth loss.

Chewing and grinding your teeth are two common actions that can cause a filling to fall out. Sometimes fillings simply reach the ends of their lifespans. After all, many dental fillings are designed to last just 10 years. Purchasing affordable dental insurance from a company like Delta Medicare Benefits Group will ensure that the problem can be resolved right away.

2. You’ve Cracked or Chipped a Tooth

Weak and damaged teeth crack during routine, everyday activities like chewing or biting down on hard foods. They can also chip, crack, or fracture during jarring, impact events such as trip and fall accidents or car accidents. No matter why your tooth chips, you’ll be glad to have dental insurance when it does. You can have it repaired with a filling or with a natural-looking, tooth-colored bond. Your smile aesthetics will be restored, and you’ll be able to talk and chew as you did before.

3. You’ve Got a Toothache

Toothaches can cause overwhelming pain. There are many reasons why your tooth might hurt. You may have a serious oral infection or an abscess, or you may have a fast-developing cavity. In nearly all cases of toothaches, the faster you take action the better. Having dental insurance will allow you to get timely or even emergency treatment. This can mean the difference between having a local infection and a systemic one, and between having a cavity filled and needing a root canal.

4. Your Gums Start Bleeding

Sore, inflamed gums that bleed when you brush or floss are a likely sign of gingivitis. You may have problems with bleeding gums if you’re pregnant, taking certain forms of medication, or experiencing various types of hormonal change. In all cases, having a dentist examine your gums is important. If the soft tissues that surround your teeth aren’t healthy, your tooth structures won’t be healthy either. A dentist can schedule a root scaling and planing procedure to prevent gingivitis from turning into advanced periodontal disease. You can also work your dentist to learn mitigation strategies for hormonal or lifestyle-related gum issues.

5. Tooth Sensitivity Is on the Rise

Overly sensitive teeth can make every sip of hot coffee and every bite of cold ice cream excruciating. Even smiling too big when there’s a cold wind blowing can cause tooth pain. Teeth that are hypersensitive to temperature can mean that you’ve got a bad filling, worn tooth enamel, a cavity, or receding gums. As with most other oral health issues, scheduling timely treatment will limit the impact that the underlying problem has on your overall oral health.

6. Your Tooth Is Missing

Losing a tooth as an adult can be absolutely life-altering. Depending on where your missing tooth was located, this issue can lead to a decrease in chewing and talking abilities. It can also greatly diminish your self-confidence and marketability. You’ll likely start shying away from photo opportunities, and you may be less than your best in many social settings. With dental insurance, you’ll have access to a range of affordable treatments including dental bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures.

7. Every Single Time You Smile

If you’ve lived with diminished smile aesthetics before, you’ll appreciate your dental insurance every time you show your teeth off. Having access to affordable dental care means having access to whitening treatments, smile restoration treatments, and services that preserve your overall gum and tooth health.

If you don’t have dental insurance right now, you’re definitely missing out. Moreover, the cost of getting coverage is incredibly nominal when compared to the improvements dental insurance can provide in both your life-quality and your self-esteem.



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