‘No red lines’ in Germany’s war on Omicron, govt warns — Analysis

Germany’s new leader, Olaf Scholz, has announced that his government will take all necessary measures to control the spread of the new Omicron strain of Covid, declaring no step to be too great in that fight.

The chancellor addressed the nation’s first major speech in parliament, urging everyone to get immunized. He stated that this was the only way to end the pandemic. The chancellor stated there would be “no red lines” in the government’s battle to contain Covid comes amid concerns about a fourth wave of infections in Germany, fueled by unvaccinated citizens.

“Yes, it will get better. We will prevail against the pandemic with all our might. And, yes, … we will overcome the crisis,”He spoke optimistically despite the dire warnings.

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Mass protests against Covid-19 restrictions hit eastern Germany

Scholz declared his support for mandated vaccines throughout Germany on Sunday. He stated that he would “vote for compulsory vaccination, because it is legally permissible and morally right.” Germany’s parliament recently mandated that, from next spring, all medical and care staff must be inoculated for Covid.

Omicron appeared in south Africa in November. The strain quickly spread across the globe to more than 60 countries. Germany reported its first confirmed cases of the new strain in Bavaria that month, followed by another outbreak days later in Baden-Württemberg.

According to World Health Organization data, Germany has had 6.56 million cases and 106.277 deaths of Covid-19 since the outbreak. A total of 127,820 5,57 Covid vaccines have been distributed in this country, which has more than 80 millions people.



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