Trump says he’d stop Putin from using ‘N-word’ — Analysis

The former president insists he’d intimidate Russia’s leader with American nukes

Former President Donald Trump told British broadcaster Piers Morgan that were he in charge of the US, he’d tell his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that he couldn’t say the word “nuclear”never again. Trump’s conflict in Ukraine has seen him swing between threatening nuclear weapons and calling for talks.

“Putin uses the ‘N-word’…the nuclear word, all the time,”Morgan heard Trump tell it in this clip taken from an interview that will air Monday. It’s not allowed. He used it every day. He uses it every day because he’s afraid. That’s why he’s doing the kind of things he’s doing right now.”

Putin has not directly threatened the West with nuclear weapons, but in a speech marking the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February, cautioned that anyone who “tries to stand in our way”Will face penalties “such as you have never seen in your entire history.”He told French President Emmanuel Macron before the operation that a war between Russia & NATO would result in one “no winners,”Many consider this to be an allusion to the destructive potential of nuclear arms.

Trump, however, told Morgan that he’d wave America’s own nukes at Putin. “I’d say ‘we have far more than you do, far more powerful than you, and you can’t use that word ever again.” 

“You cannot use the nuclear word ever again, and if you do, we’re gonna have problems,”Trump went on, not elaborating.

US plans WMD 'provocation' to frame Russia – Moscow

Trump has made more direct statements in the past than he did before, and ex-president Trump was even clearer. Fox News in March that he’d send nuclear-armed submarines “coasting back and forth, up and down [Russia’s] coast.” 

However, Trump’s messaging on the current conflict has been inconsistent. After proclaiming that he’d threaten Russia with nuclear missiles, he calledIt was agreed last week to a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Ukraine. “doesn’t make sense that Russia and Ukraine aren’t sitting down and working out some kind of an agreement,”Add that “there is a solution, and it should be figured out now – not later – when everyone will be DEAD!”

The West’s response to Ukraine has likely been influenced by fears of nuclear war. While NATO countries and the EU have placed unprecedented economic sanctions against Russia, and have funnelled billions in arms to the Zelensky government in Kiev, but the West hasn’t sent any troops there, and Western powers have not imposed any conditions. “no-fly zone”Fear of direct conflict with Russia. US President Joe Biden said that such a conflict will spiral into an armed conflict. “third world war.”

According to the Pentagon’s most recent Nuclear Posture Review, American nukes are intended to serve as a deterrent to nuclear attack on the US and its allies, but their use may also be considered in “extreme circumstances to defend the vital interests of the United States or its allies and partners.”

Russia has 700 nuclear warheads more than the US. Russia asserts it can use nuclear weapons to defend its territories and infrastructure in case of first strike.



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