Night Cream: Do They Work?

There are so many beauty products and suggested beauty routines that it can be a bit overwhelming. You may begin to wonder whether a given routine is even necessary. Is toner important?  Should you use moisturizer every day? What about night creams? Do they even work? 

Night Cream is Ancient Medicine that is Just as Effective Today

Ancient Egyptians rubbed moisturizing plant oils, frankincense, and even animal fats on their skin before going to sleep in the evening. Night creams remained popular into the seventeenth century when a mixture of rosewater, beeswax, and almond oil was the ideal night cream. Night creams still exists today in a wide range of recipes and with various healthcare goals.

How Do Night Creams Work?

Night creams have been used since ancient times for good reasons. Your body naturally repairs itself, including the skin, overnight. When your body rests at night, your parasympathetic system sends blood to your extremities and floods blood to your skin.

It is theorized that nighttime is when your skin builds collagen and regenerates the skin. Night creams help your body in the repair process by helping you to make more collagen and repairing damage caused by free radicals.

They also keep your body from losing more moisture overnight so you wake up with skin that is firm and hydrated.

Benefits of Night Cream

  •     Boost collagen production. Your body needs collagen to build your skin. Skin that is rich in collagen is less likely to have the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  •     Moisturize skin. Your skin loses moisture throughout the day and it can even lose moisture at night, but by using a night cream you can replenish moisture loss during the day and prevent moisture loss at night.
  •     Even skin tone. Night cream can eliminate discoloration, dark spots, and other skin tone concerns in order to give you smooth, even skin.
  •     Shed old skin cells and grow new skin cells. Night creams can exfoliate away your old skin and help you to grow fresh new younger-looking skin cells
  •     Repair. Night creams can undo the damage that was caused during the day, eliminate free radicals, and leave your skin looking fresh

Why Night Cream Instead of Day Cream?

Since you are more active during the daytime, you may be more likely to rub off creams, but at night, creams are more likely to remain in place. Nighttime is when you build collagen, which night creams assist with.

Some ingredients may even be rendered ineffective by the sun or have a bad reaction to the sun, like vitamins A and E.

What to Look for in an Effective Night Cream

There is some variety in what individuals need from a night cream, but there are some things that most people can agree on. Here are some things to look for in the most effective night cream for you.

  •     Antioxidants. Antioxidants can repair the damage caused by free radicals and help your skin to look younger.
  •     Exfoliants. Gentle exfoliants will remove old, dead skin so that fresh new skin can shine through.
  •     Collagen builders. Ingredients that help your body create new collagen will naturally repair fine lines and wrinkles

Start a Night Cream Routine Today

Night creams are a very effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin in a way that is easy and relaxing for you.  Not only will you be thrilled with the effects of using a night cream, but you’ll enjoy the soothing smell and pleasant sensation on your skin before you go to bed as well. Wake up refreshed and looking your best every morning with a great night cream.


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