Importance of Recycling

Importance of Recycling

To most people, recycling is a mere aspect of living in the present and trying to preserve Earth’s natural beauty through energy efficiency. However, for Jordan Sudberg, recycling is much more than this. Dr. Sudberg, believes that recycling is an essential concept with significant implications on how we feel about ourselves and our society as a whole. His beliefs stem from his personal experience rather than from scientific research or other available evidence sources that reputable institutions publish.

Importance of Recycling

Dr. Sudberg states, “…the issue of recycling is not just one of environmental concern but also personal health.” According to him, the main objective of recycling is to keep our surroundings clean and safe. Otherwise stated, recycling helps us avoid the probable risks or diseases arising from exposure to certain harmful materials or objects. In other words, we can avoid being exposed to toxic and hazardous materials by recycling regularly and depositing our recycled waste materials in proper bins or containers found at nearby facilities.

Dr. Sudberg also believes that recycling is important because it takes time for the Earth to heal from the damages caused by pollution and other non-environmentally-friendly practices. As a result, to help the environment heal itself and eliminate the hazardous wastes already in our surroundings, we must practice recycling. He thinks that just as we minimize the harmful effects of our actions on our bodies through personal health practices such as going to the gym or eating healthier food, we can also help minimize the harmful effects of our actions on the Earth by recycling.

Moreover, Dr. Sudberg believes recycling is important because it helps us feel good about ourselves and others. According to him, if someone decides to recycle and places their used wastes in a waste bin instead of just throwing them off to any part of their surrounding environment where they can remain for years without being disposed of properly, they are doing something good for themselves and society as a whole.

Furthermore, Dr. Sudberg believes that recycling is important because it helps us feel good about ourselves and gives us a sense of fulfillment and self-pride. He adds that by practicing recycling, we have the chance to be heroes in many ways, not only in our circles but elsewhere as well. Recycling can also teach us how to respect our surroundings so that they will last longer and continue to provide us with the essentials for living, such as fresh air and water.

Jordan Sudberg believes recycling is essential to our lifestyles and is safe to practice. He also feels we can all contribute to the environment by practicing recycling. From his perspective, it would be great if as many people as possible shared his belief and tried to learn how they can do their part in protecting the environment. Sudberg is a pain management specialist at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children and an associate professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics at Drexel University College of Medicine. He is a recognized expert in the field of pediatric pain, a member of the board of the American Pain Society, and co-leader in developing an evidence-based clinical resource on pediatric pain. Dr. Sudberg has published over 120 papers on topics ranging from childhood epilepsy to migraines to chronic pain management strategies. He received his B.A., summa cum laude, from Franklin & Marshall College, where he was a Joseph Henry scholar, and completed his M.D.


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