Boxing Gym in Lehi Utah: How to Start Boxing

Have you been wondering how to start boxing and looking for a boxing gym in Lehi Utah? It may not be as challenging to get started boxing as you may think. A great boxing gym knows how to work with beginners to teach you the basics and build your skills at a pace that you are comfortable with. Here are some essentials to getting started in boxing.

Boxing Gear

One of the many advantages of choosing boxing as a sport and self defense tactic is that there isn’t much gear involved. Boxing gloves are necessary in order to practice boxing. It is a good idea to buy shoes that are designed to keep footwork fast, since this is necessary for boxing.

You will also need headgear and a mouthguard so that hits to your face and head do not result in serious injury. It is up to you whether you want to invest in training gear like a punching bag or if you want to stick to practicing with that sort of gear at the gym.


One of the most essential elements of boxing is your stance. It is essential that you always keep good balance and posture so that you can effectively throw punches and so that your opponent’s punches don’t knock you off your feet.

Stances vary somewhat depending on the boxer and the match, but in general, you will stand sideways to your opponent with your feet a little bit wider than your hips.


Boxing requires constant movement. Moving around on your feet while avoiding being knocked over by your opponent requires good footwork. You need to be both fast and carefully balanced as you move in to attack your opponent, dart away to avoid an attack, etc.

In order to maintain good footwork, you may find that you often have your legs bent, so boxing can be a great workout for your legs and glutes.

Go Slowly at First

It can be frustrating for new boxes to realize that in order to get started boxing they need to go slowly at first. You will probably want to jump right into the ring and get boxing, but it is important to slowly go through your moves and techniques so that you can master them in slow motion before you attempt them at boxing match speed.

Learn Breathing Techniques

You may be more likely to associate breathing exercises with an activity like yoga than with boxing, but in fact, careful breathing techniques are absolutely essential for effective boxing. If you do not control your breathing in the ring, you will find yourself out of breath and tired before your opponent. You need to learn to breathe slowly, even while you are fighting.

Engage Your Whole Body

Boxing is a whole-body workout, which means that you need to engage your entire body when you are boxing. Whether you are moving around the ring, throwing a punch, or dodging a punch, your entire body should be engaged. Strength at your core can give you the power to remain stable and throw powerful punches at the same time, but it is important that you consciously use your core when throwing punches.

Find a Great Boxing Gym in Lehi Utah

A great Boxing Gym in Lehi Utah can help you to become comfortable with the basics of boxing and guide you as you get started. They should also provide all of the equipment and instruction that you need in order to achieve your boxing goals.  If you are on the fence, consider trying out a class or two to help you make up your mind. 


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