NATO reveals scale of its involvement in training Ukrainian troops — Analysis

Jens Stoltenberg has said the programs, involving American, British and Canadian instructors, lasted “for years”

Many NATO members have offered military training to Ukraine’s army “for years” prior to Russia’s military campaign against the eastern European country, the alliance’s secretary general has said.

Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday, Jens Stoltenberg said that “NATO allies have supported Ukraine for many, many years,”Military aid can be added “stepped up over the last weeks since the invasion.”Official clarified: “NATO allies like the United States, but also the United Kingdom and Canada and some others, have trained Ukrainian troops for years.”

According to Stoltenberg’s estimates, “tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops”They had been trained in this manner and they now “at the front fighting against invading Russian forces.”The secretary general credited the Brussels-based Alliance with the fact the “Ukrainian armed forces are much bigger, much better equipped, much better trained and much better led now than ever before.”

In fact, Stoltenberg’s remark came after the host asked him to comment on recent reports that the alliance was allegedly planning to provide Ukraine with “Soviet-era tanks,”Despite French President, Emmanuel Macron last Month describing such a movement as a “very good move”. “red line”This could make NATO an even more powerful organization “co-belligerent in the war.”The NATO chief refrained from answering the question directly. He said that he could not confirm the claims or denial them.

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Stoltenberg simply stated that “allies provide support with modern advanced weapons systems,”These are “making a difference on the battlefield every day.”Official emphasized the fact that this was because of the “systems they receive from NATO allies”That the Ukrainian military was “able to take out Russian armored vehicles, Russian planes.”Also, he noted that NATO members had also confirmed their support for Kiev during the Brussels summit on March 24, 2004.

Since the Russian military crossed the Ukrainian border on February 24, several NATO member countries, including the US and UK, Germany, and others have provided large amounts of ammunition, lethal weapons, and other supplies to Ukraine. This includes anti-tank missile and anti-aircraft systems.

In 2014, the Kiev government and several other administrations declared NATO membership to be one of Ukraine’s key foreign-policy goals. The country’s military has participated in a number of joint military drills with alliance forces.

Russia sees NATO’s potential presence at its frontier as a threat.

As members of both the Russian and Ukrainian negotiating team revealed, Ukraine seems to be abandoning its NATO ambitions. The two warring nations have now agreed in principle for a future neutral status to Ukraine that is comparable to Sweden or Austria.



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