Foundations Are Vehicles for Philanthropy

Philanthropy is so important, especially during this last year when so many people have tragically suffered losses and financial hardships. But what’s less discussed are the vehicles that people employ in order to contribute to nonprofit organizations in the most efficient of ways, possible.

Foundations are a terrific vehicle to use for this purpose. The Josh Nass Foundation, is an example of a foundation that efficiently uses its resources to disburse them to causes important to the managing director of the organization. Foundations are always created with mission statements that reflect the founder and primary contributor’s core convictions and principles.

Convictions that are consistent with a foundations managing director are those that a founder holds closest and dearest to his or her heart. Foundations also provide the added benefit of allowing donors to consolidate their giving according to the causes they are most passionate about. This is yet another advantage of using foundations as a vehicle for giving.

Of course while mega philanthropists like Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet have foundations that have disbursed billions of dollars over time; one need not be a billionaire or even a millionaire in order to have a foundation. Study after study has indicated and demonstrated that the American people are the most generous people in the world. For this reason it’s honorable that more and more middle and working class people with some extra means have chosen to utilize the foundation framework to deploy charitable giving.


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