Moving Company Reports Largest Exodus From California That They Have Ever Seen

The recent surge in people leaving California, often dubbed as an exodus, is a multifaceted phenomenon that has garnered significant attention nationwide. The moving company Three Movers has reported an unprecedented number of relocations from California, indicating a trend that could be the largest of its kind in recent history. This article delves into the reasons behind this mass migration, focusing on the role of Three Movers in this significant demographic shift.

Economic Factors

One of the primary reasons for the exodus from California is the state’s high cost of living. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are among the most expensive in the United States. Housing prices have skyrocketed, making it nearly impossible for many to afford a home. Three Movers has noted that a significant portion of their clients cite financial strain and the pursuit of more affordable living conditions as their primary reason for leaving. States like Texas, Nevada, and Arizona offer lower taxes and a lower cost of living, making them attractive alternatives.

Business Climate and Employment Opportunities

 California’s stringent regulations and high taxes have been challenging for many businesses. This has led to a situation where companies are relocating to more business-friendly states. As a result, employees are following suit. Three Movers has facilitated numerous corporate relocations, indicating a trend where not just individuals, but entire businesses are moving out of California.

Quality of Life and Public Policy

Quality of life issues, including traffic congestion, public safety concerns, and the state’s handling of social issues, have also influenced the exodus. Three Movers reports that many of their clients express frustration with the state’s public policy directions, seeking regions with policies more aligned with their preferences.

The Pandemic Effect 

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how people work and live. With the rise of remote work, many Californians no longer need to live near their workplaces, enabling them to move to more affordable areas. Three Movers has seen a spike in moves from urban centers to suburban and rural areas, both within and outside of California, since the pandemic began.

Environmental Concerns

 California’s susceptibility to natural disasters, particularly wildfires and droughts, has become a growing concern. The increasing frequency and severity of these events have prompted some residents to seek safer, more stable environments. This trend is reflected in the moving patterns observed by Three Movers.

Three Movers’ Role

 As a prominent moving company, Three Movers plays a critical role in facilitating this migration. Their ability to handle long-distance moves efficiently and provide resources and guidance for such significant life changes makes them a go-to service for those looking to relocate out of California. The company’s reports and data offer valuable insights into the migration patterns and reasons behind this phenomenon.

Demographic Changes

 The exodus is not limited to any single demographic. While retirees looking for a lower cost of living and better quality of life form a significant part of the movement, young professionals and families are also leaving in search of better job opportunities, affordable housing, and a preferable lifestyle. Three Movers has noted the diversity in their client base, indicating that the exodus crosses generational and socio-economic lines.

Impact on California and Destination States

 This mass migration is not without consequences. For California, it means a potential decrease in the tax base and a shift in the political landscape. For the states where people are relocating, it brings both opportunities and challenges, including increased demand for housing and services.


The exodus from California is a complex issue influenced by a variety of factors, including economic challenges, business climate, quality of life, public policy, environmental concerns, and the pandemic. Three Movers, through their extensive experience in facilitating these relocations, provides a unique perspective on this trend. As this phenomenon continues to evolve, it will be important to monitor its impact not only on California but also on the states that are becoming new homes for former Californians.

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