Mom promises to resist school mask mandate with ‘guns loaded’ — Analysis

Virginia mother accused of harassing school board members regarding school mask mandates

After she threatened school board members with violence, activists are demanding the arrest of Virginia’s mother. “loaded guns”There is a mandatory mask requirement in place. Responding to this, police stated that they would increase their presence at Page County Public Schools located in Laray (Virginia).

After a video of Amelia King’s comments became viral, the mother was tagged as Amelia King. King, a mother, can be seen speaking out against a student mask mandate at Thursday’s school board meeting. She says she will not allow her children to participate. She says that her children won’t be wearing masks as she approaches the end of her session. “every single gun.” Gov. Ralph Northam had previously established a mandate to use masks for students within the state. 

“No mask mandates. No masks will be worn by my children Monday morning. I will bring every single gun, loaded and ready,”She said.

When King is then informed she’s gone over her allotted three minutes to speak, she tells the room, “see you all on Monday.” 

School district sorry for ‘unacceptable’ way student treated

Megan Gordon, chair of the school board and Antonia Fox, superintendent of Page County Schools released a joint statement Friday stating that threats made by parents would not be tolerated. “tolerated”Get in touch with the police

Luray Police said Friday they have already been in contact with the mother, saying she’d reached out after her statement had caused “public alarm.”After her appearance she also wrote an apology email to school board. “phrased”The statement explained that she was speaking “figuratively.”

“The statement that was made absolutely caused public alarm, the parent that made the statement realized that, and immediately contacted law enforcement to apologize because the statement was not intended the way it was perceived,”Later, they added “She is” to their writings. “cooperating”Get in touch with the authorities. 

King’s apologies and explanations have not squashed the wave of criticism, with some calling for everything from the FBI to arrest to authorities to remove her children from her custody.



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