Gay conservatives exist and are having a moment in the US — Analysis

Ever more homosexuals are moving away from the oppressive rainbow-flag-waving LGBTQ alphabet – and we’re just getting started

Liberalism has always been a part of being gay and lesbian for far too long. Finally, that paradigm is shifting as more of the gay community refuses to be lectured by Democrats that we MUST vote the way they do if we “care about our own interests.” Those interests, it turns out, are as diverse as the gay population itself. Homosexuals aren’t a monolith, and despite the Democratic Party’s presumption to speak for all of us, they most certainly do not.

Over the past several decades, the gay conservative movement has seen a tremendous increase in its numbers. This is especially true since Donald Trump’s 2015 election. By 2020, one survey found 45% of gay men planned to cast their vote for the “mean Tweeter” that election year. Perhaps it wasn’t lost on them that Trump appointed the nation’s first gay cabinet member, Richard Grenell, as Director of National Intelligence that same year. But it’s more likely that they had simply turned off CNN.

It’s not that gay Republicans weren’t always around, or engaged. We’ve been active in the GOP for a long time, and especially since the 1970s founding of Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s oldest and largest gay political organization. For a bit of history, Log Cabin helped strike down ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ laws in the military in 2010. In 1978, with the help of Ronald Reagan, Log Cabin defeated the Briggs Initiative that would have banned homosexuals from teaching public school. The initiative was eventually declared illegal. Even with all this work, the majority of gay Republicans were a minority in a minority, sometimes drowned out or ignored by their own party. However, this is no more the case.

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You can tune in to Fox News 2022 and hear Tammy Bruce (out lesbian) explaining the plans of the party along with Josh Slocum, podcast host. Listening to Tucker Carlson having a conversation with journalist Chadwick Moore, who ‘came out’ as a conservative in recent years. It is an important moment in American culture to see gay people and women on TV without having to adhere to homosexual issues. Rather than ‘othering’ ourselves, we are simply Americans who happen to be gay. It doesn’t matter to whom we marry or date, the topics that affect all of us can be discussed. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

It took hard work to reach this stage in history. But it was also necessary for the left’s reliability to continue pushing their agenda far and expel anyone who isn’t willing to follow the party line. The more center-left among them, and those who I would call ‘classic’ Democrats (age 40 and older) are increasingly rejecting the extreme views of the new left-wing order – an order which seems to be made up of mostly white urban academics and technocrats. If you’re only just catching up, they are the blue checkmarks of the Twitterverse, waving their new grotesquely-designed pride flags that most people don’t recognize, including most gay people. LinkedIn lists their pronouns. You can recognize them by wearing face masks when outside walking the dog, as Jill Biden ordered. They’re not pro-choice anymore, but they do support the right to abortion. The bars don’t need drag queens. Oh no! They want – and demand – to install one in every elementary school, and if you don’t like it, you’re a bigot. These people are usually angry and, for whatever reason, they are very into green or blue hair dye. Above all they hate Donald Trump and are a loyal fan. While some of their humor is amusing, many people who used to be on their side have been disowned by their radicalism. 

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Brandon Straka (a gay man) is one such former Democratic. A clip from CNN that was edited forever changed Brandon Straka’s view on the left and its mainstream media followers. Straka is the founder of the WalkAway Foundation, which began in 2016 as a grassroots movement that inspired thousands of people to ‘walk away’ from the left.

Because the country was at a place where gay rights were clearly realized, the timing of the WalkAway movement’s launch was perfect. The country had equal-sex marriage rights, and we lived in an America most Americans would acknowledge as being very supportive of gay people. The need to have a pride parade every year became outdated. It had become a corporate smorgasbord that sold booze mostly to gay young men in large cities. We weren’t marching for our rights anymore, because we already HadOur rights. This wasn’t lost on organizations like HRC and GLAAD, of course, who panicked at the idea of losing their point of existence and the salaries that accompanied it. With their raison d’etre starting to disappear, they quickly hoisted the trans flag.

Pride parades became embarrassing displays of kink and excess by 2016 and years earlier. These were not gay equality-related parties. Many of us already have equality and, particularly if we are conservatives, don’t want to participate in anything that would only undermine the original cause. We were simply meant to be allowed to accept and to enjoy the same legal rights as heterosexuals. Many gay people were becoming uncomfortable with the LGBT acronym, and the way it added letters.

Let’s cut to the chase: the letter expansion occurred primarily due to the fact that transgender activists took over all the gay rights movements and turned them into a movement for gender and transgenderism. However, not all were onboard. There are a handful of groups that tried to highlight the fact that homosexuality and transgender is not an identical thing. But by the time the trans agenda took over, the LGBTQIA+ movement had become a full-blown shadow political party, financing Democrat political candidates, infiltrating every left-wing media outlet, ousting gay people from their own organizations, having them banned from Twitter, and fired from their jobs if they dared to stand up to ‘Big Trans’. Many gays wanted to leave the alphabet movement, and this was even among Democrats. As is the custom, many of these people switched political parties. They had been made the “bullies” at the gay bar by the LGBTQIA+.

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At the same time, Brandon Straka’s WalkAway movement was gaining momentum. Videos and public speaking events rallied both the gay right as well as the homeless. Straka could speak the truth and reached people. A truth that had been buried for a long time – gays were being used as Democrats’ political pawns, and exploited and lied to.

Straka played an important role in uncovering the lies about Donald Trump that was being spread by CNN and the New York Times. The young and handsome gay man was speaking out. “you’ve been lied to, there’s something better, and yes it’s ok to like Trump, and it’s ok to love America.”This revolutionary idea woke up people. People still wake up. Every week, I hear about a journalist, a celebrity or a TikTok influencer announcing they’ve finally had enough of the cult of 87 genders and a political party that doesn’t seem to be grounded in reality.

We are standing up against the far left and have gained real momentum. However, our community still has a lot to do. We owe it to our country, to ourselves, and to future generations to speak out against the LGBT party’s blatant attempt to push gender ideology and sexuality on children in public schools. No adult has any place talking to minors about their sexuality, and it’s going to take our vocal involvement and standing together with the parents to stop this insanity. Just as Log Cabin Republicans defeated the Briggs Initiative and protected our right to enter the teaching field, we now have the responsibility to make sure teachers aren’t grooming kids in our name.

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