Millions left waiting for treatment in England — Analysis

Hospital bosses are ‘extremely concerned’ as the backlog of patients awaiting treatment soars

At least 24 NHS trusts in England have declared a ‘critical incident’ due to pressures caused by the Omicron variant, as rising Covid cases create a staffing shortage and hamper efforts to clear a patient backlog of 5.8 million.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, said that on Thursday he was seeking a balance between public restrictions as well as avoiding an environment where hospitals become a problem. “overrun”The new Covid case wave. An NHS trust that reaches the point where priority services are at danger is considered to be a critical event.

It “very real”The health system is facing increasing pressure due to an increase in hospitalizations and a rise in staff who have to be isolated after being tested positive for coronavirus or having come into contact with Covid-positive people.

Shapps argued that it’s “not entirely unusual”Hospitals “go critical”He said that the system was under immense pressure during winter but that it is now for many reasons.

The concerns about provisions of priority services come as it is revealed that the backlog of patients waiting for planned treatments in England has reached 5.8 million, and both 999 calls and A&E waiting times have hit record highs.

UK care sector declares ‘red’ alert amid Covid staffing shortage

A new report by the House of Commons’ Health and Social Care Committee, which is cross-party from all parties, states that the NHS has been facing an “inflationary crisis”. “unquantifiable”It will have to deal with pandemics and clear backlog. Report details “catastrophic impact” on patients waiting for care and warns staff could quit if they don’t see a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

On Wednesday, the NHS Confederation, representing the entire healthcare system, called on the government. They warned that English patients could suffer from a decrease in the quality of their care if the government does not take immediate steps to resolve staffing issues.

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of NHS Confederation claimed that hospital leaders are not being treated fairly by him. “extremely concerned”The increasing ratio of patients to staff is forcing hospitals to allocate their clinical tasks more efficiently. “not normally” best practice.

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