Pentagon investigates itself, finds it did nothing wrong — Analysis

A report says that no one will be held responsible for the airstrike which killed 64 civilians.

According to an internal Pentagon investigation, a US airstrike in 2019 that claimed the lives of 64 Syrian civilians was legal and did not break any US laws of engagement. “wanton disregard.”Some military officers considered it a war criminal, even though the Pentagon maintains that the act was required to defeat ISIS fighters.

The bomb went off in the F-15E US fighter jet on March 18. “a large crowd of women and children huddled against a river bank”According to New York Times reports, they dropped several bombs near Baghuz, Syria, and killed survivors. 

US Central Command confirmed that there were 80 victims of the strike, and only 16 people who had been categorized as Islamic State terrorists (IS). Although the military acknowledged that four civilians were killed, it claimed 60 others may have been terrorists. “women and children in the Islamic State sometimes took up arms.”

The NY Times reports US forces ‘killed dozens in Syria.’ The reality is far worse

Nevertheless, an investigation ensued, and according to a repomassnews.completed last week, “No Rules of Engagement (ROE) or Law of War (LOW) violations occurred.”Reports state that US commandant on ground attempted to separate civilians and combatants by targeting ISIS militants.

The military claimed that they were able to save civilians from the attack, despite the fact that many of them died. “took steps to mitigate harm.” 

New York Times reported that the initial New York Times article claimed that two officers were looking at the strike from their drone cameras. They had been horrified and asked if they witnessed war crimes. Additionally, internal accounts of the strike revealed that the bomb site had been bulldozed. “delayed, sanitized and classified,”The Times stated. 

However, the Pentagon’s latest report states that there was no “malicious or wrongful intent”The delay in reporting the incident and the lack of evidence to support the claim that the military tried to investigate the matter, were the reasons. “conceal decisions or actions.”

Unclassified remains the full text of this Department of Defense report. This includes a list of civilian casualties. The public was only given a summary of the report, which is two pages long.

Drone strike that killed children to go unpunished – Pentagon

The report was approved by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday. But, in a memo sent to military commanders, Austin asked them to prioritize future reporting. Austin was the one who oversaw the drone strike that took place in Kabul, killing 10 civilians and seven children. “protecting innocent civilians…is a strategic and moral imperative.” 

Austin declined to penalize any military personnel for the Kabul attack, even though an Air Force report had found that there were no laws being broken.

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