Millions in Canada under Covid-19 curfew on New Year’s Eve — Analysis

Quebec, a French-speaking province in Quebec, has just issued Covid lockdown orders that are draconian and timed to the holidays

More than 8.5 million Canadians have been ordered to remain at home for New Year’s celebrations, with the provincial government of Quebec imposing a curfew and a ban on private gatherings amid the spread of the Omicron variant.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced the policies on Thursday, saying they will come into effect at 10pm on Friday – New Year’s Eve – while warning that a spike in coronavirus cases could overwhelm the region’s healthcare system.

“If we do nothing, there is a real risk that our hospitals will overflow over the next few weeks and that we will no longer be able to treat everyone,”He said this in an a tweetYou can do it later addingIt is essential that all officials comply with the “act quickly”And strike a “big blow”To the virus.

Authorities may ask anyone who is seen leaving their house during the curfew period to provide proof of whereabouts. Local media reported that violators can be punished with a $1,000 to $6,000 fine. 

Covid-positive health workers may stay on job, Canadian province rules

The ban on gatherings has been subject to some exceptions. This includes people who are in constant need of assistance or individuals living alone. They will still be allowed to meet another person. “family bubble.”Anybody who needs medical attention, and anyone looking for “essential workers”For those who travel for “humanitarian reasons,”Travel rules will be also exempted. 

Also, on Thursday, Quebec’s government banned indoor sports and indoor eating. The limit for worship places was 25 per person, with the exception being funerals. 

Though Canada boasts fairly high vaccination rates, claiming about 76% of its population is fully immunized against Covid-19, the rise of the Omicron strain has triggered alarm across much of the world, with Quebec bearing the brunt of Canada’s current outbreak. The region’s full vaccination rate is just over the national average, at nearly 78%.

Legault claimed that now the province faces its own challenges “worst”Weeks so far during the pandemic have been marked by record-breaking daily infections numbers. They are likely to surpass 16,000 Friday. He said that “we’re all tired”Lockdowns but insist it is his “responsibility to protect”Citizens in justifying new restrictions.

Canada’s most populous province of Ontario also lowered capacity limits at some indoor venues on Thursday due to concerns over Omicron, though it did not go nearly as far as its francophone neighbor with a virtual ban on public New Year’s celebrations.

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