Man suspected of getting over 80 Covid jabs – media — Analysis

Unidentified Germans reportedly made a profit selling vaccine passports. Sometimes, they would get as many as three shots per day.

According to the Freie Presse, a 61 year-old unidentified man was reported as having received at least 87 Covid-19 shot in eastern Germany’s Saxony. He may have had up to three doses per day at times. German Red Cross brought charges against him on suspicion of selling vaccine passports and paper claims.

The German authorities are investigating the man following complaints from a branch of the Red Cross in Saxony, the group’s spokesperson Kai Kranich revealed to Freie Presse. According to reports, the suspect used blank vaccine cards each time he visited Germany with his true name printed on them. Then he altered them, taking out details about the jab and selling them.

Kranich said that vaccination sites across Germany were informed about Kranich after Kranich was identified in Dresden by one staff member. He was taken to Eilenburg in Eilenburg (near Leipzig) and detained.

According to some reports, the man nearly never presented his insurance card which could have enabled authorities to catch him sooner.

Man caught trying to get 9th Covid jab

“A national vaccine register or a coronavirus vaccine register would have shed light on the case immediately,”Freie Presse was informed by Knut Kohler who is a spokesperson of the Saxony state-based medical association.

The man might have had Covid-19 jabs in Germany as well. According to reports, his first vaccine was given last summer.

On Friday, the German Ministry of Social Affairs informed The Times that they were unaware of this matter.

Several vaccine ‘mules’ have been caught getting vaccinated on behalf of others since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions. A New Zealander was arrested last December for receiving up to 10 vaccine shots per day in support of customers paying him.

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