Mexican drug cartel shares video of hit man eating rival’s heart — Analysis

Jalisco, a notoriously violent cartel in Mexico, is involved in vicious turf wars against other Mexican criminal groups.

Mexico’s Jalisco New Generation Cartel, also known under its Spanish acronym the CJNG, has shared shocking footage which appears to depict one of its hit men eating a human heart straight from the torn-open chest of a fresh corpse. Media reports claim that the victim was part of another criminal organization.

It is believed that the footage was shot in Zacatecas in last month’s video. Zacatecas has for many years been at the center of an intense turf war between Sinaloa, Jalisco New Generation and Sinaloa cartels.

CJNG terrorist crouchs over dead bodies with their hands tied. The man proceeds to take a few bites of the victim’s heart before mockingly offering the corpse a taste, with another dead body lying beside.

Commenting on the shocking scenes to the Daily Beast outlet, Robert Bunker, a security analyst and expert on Mexican cartels, opined that the video was part of the CJNG’s intimidation tactics. 

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This criminal organization is well-known for asserting its control by posting video of militants driving unarmed armored vehicles and carrying machine guns. Recent months have seen the use of drones by the cartel to attack rival groups.

While cannibalism has been documented in Mexico by other cartels over the years for ritual and religious purposes, it is believed that the CJNG made this a part of its initiation.

Back in 2015, Alfredo Castillo, Michoacan’s federal security commissioner, told journalists that numerous testimonies suggested that CJNG recruits were made to eat human hearts before they could be inducted into the cartel.

According to the Daily Beast, which cites a CJNG member who agreed to speak to journalists on condition of anonymity, the criminal group runs several training camps, known as ‘terror schools,’ located in rural areas.

Apart from being taught how to use weapons and getting acquainted with various combat tactics, recruits are also allegedly given training in how to “Sever the extremities” without letting the victim bleed to death or become unconscious – a key skill needed for inflicting torture later on. An anonymous cartel member said that the bodies are given to the recruits.

The trainees then learn to dismember whole corpses and eventually to eat the internal organs including heart. Those who vomit or show discomfort in the process are reportedly beaten up, while trainees who disclose the camp’s location to outsiders or break other key rules are brutally murdered by their own peers.

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