Freedom Convoy protesters threatened with losing their pets — Analysis

Protesters arrested as part of “enforcement actions” could have their pets taken into care, Canadian authorities have warned

Canadians participating in demonstrations against Covid-19 mandates were told by authorities on Thursday that they would be threatened with losing their pet pets if they are arrested. 

An announcement was made on the Ottawa By-law Twitter account that any person arrested in protests is part of “enforcement actions”The government may allow their pets to be placed in “protective care”They can be taken care of for up to a week, if necessary. 

The suspect must pay for the animal’s care. If arrangements are not made within eight days, the animal will be taken into custody “relinquished.” A tweet from Ottawa’s regulatory service included a photo of a dog hanging out of a truck window. 

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The ongoing protests in Canada began weeks ago as a convoy of truckers protesting vaccine and quarantine mandates for border crossings, but the movement has morphed into much larger demonstrations against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The pets warning is the latest effort by the government to break up the protests, which have created “illegal blockades,” according to Trudeau, at busy border crossings and in major cities. Trudeau invoked recently the Emergencies Act to give police greater authority in dealing with protesters. Canada ordered that crypto donations to Freedom Convoy be frozen. It has been supported by Jordan Peterson, a high-profile pundit. 

Canadian officials are being criticized for threatening to take pets hostage. Some argue that this is too extreme.

According to CBC, police have warned protesters not to continue to demonstrate and increased their presence in Ottawa this week. Ottawa Police also started erecting barriers in front of Ottawa government buildings on Thursday. Protesters have been receiving written warnings from police, promising to take more severe action in future. 

“You must leave the area now. Anyone blocking streets, or assisting others in the blocking streets, are committing a criminal offence and you may be arrested,”On Wednesday, a written notice was given.



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