8 Common Misconceptions about Buying a Used Car at a Dealership

Misconceptions are everywhere, even in the used car industry. Most of these misapprehensions aren’t true. The following are eight common misconceptions about buying a used car at a dealership.

1. Used Cars Are Lemon

A common misconception is that used cars have many defects and are unroadworthy. This is not true! Used car dealerships sell functional cars without any manufacturing defects. In addition, most reputable dealerships provide a Vehicle History Report with information about the car’s past accidents, damages, and other issues. Don’t buy a car with a poor history report.

2. Used Cars Are Unreliable

Another notable misconception is that used cars are not reliable. This is not entirely true! Most used cars found in a dealership are often a result of trade-ins. People sell their reliable cars for many reasons, including the need to upgrade to a new car, migration to another country, financial issues, and others. Moreover, cars found in dealerships are either repossessed property or completed leases.

3. Used Cars Are Unsafe

Many people believe that used cars lack essential safety features. Unless you buy an old vehicle, used cars always have their safety components intact. At the minimum, a used car will have all airbags, a functional braking system, safety belts and traction control. Before buying a used car, visit its manufacturer’s website and determine the safety features it should have.

4. Used Cars Don’t Have Warranty

A used car will or will not have a warranty depending on its age. Many used car dealerships sell vehicles with surplus warranties that can be transferred to the next owner. Used car dealerships also provide warranties on their vehicles to give drivers peace of mind.

5. Used Cars Are Costly to Maintain

Used cars are not expensive to maintain. As mentioned earlier, pre-owned vehicles are sold for many reasons other than manufacturing defects. Also, a reputable used car dealership usually repairs all issues in pre-owned vehicles before selling. It is best to inspect a used car for any problems before buying it to avoid costly maintenance.

6. Used Cars Have Poor Fuel Economy

Again, this is false. Used cars don’t consume a lot of gas. The amount consumed is dependent on a car’s engine and overall condition. Since most used vehicles are in excellent shape, you won’t need to worry about high fuel consumption.

7. Used Cars Can Only Be Bought Using Cash

You don’t need a lot of cash to buy a used car. Dealerships understand that people have different financing needs. Therefore, they offer multiple auto financing options to help customers buy cars via methods that are convenient to them.

8. Used Cars Have Low Resale Value

Although the value of used cars reduces as soon as they leave the dealership, they don’t necessarily have a low resale value. Your car’s resale value will depend on demand and supply, its condition, and other market trends.

Most misconceptions about buying used cars at a dealership are wrong. Many used vehicles for sale are in good condition and are suitable for driving.


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