Man SLAPS provincial governor during inauguration in Iran — RT World News

A military officer who was reportedly incensed by his wife being forced to receive her Covid-19 jab from a male has disrupted the inauguration of Iran’s newest provincial governor by walking on stage and slapping the dignitary.

Video footage of Saturday’s incident begins with the newly appointed governor of Iran’s East Azerbaijan province, Abedin Khorram, standing on stage at a podium as he prepares to give his inauguration speech. Unidentified attacker walks off the stage, whacking Khorram with powerful blows to his head.

It was so powerful that the sound echoed throughout the auditorium. Khorram turns toward the attacker and pushes him off the stage before the security personnel finally arrive on the scene. The man is pulled off the stage by several security personnel and taken to a nearby room.

Iran’s official IRNA news agency said the attacker was motivated by “personal reasons,” though Khorram later told the audience that he didn’t know the man. Iran’s Fars news agency said the assailant was angry that his wife had to get her Covid-19 vaccine shot from a male nurse. 

Khorram, a former commander in Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), stayed calm during Saturday’s rare security breach and didn’t try to strike back. The Iranian national was among the 48 who were abducted by Syrian anti-government fighters. Later, the Iranian nationals were freed in exchange for more that 2,000 militants. is also available
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After order had been restored, the new governor returned on stage and alluded his time in Syria. He compared it to when he was inaugurated. “I do not know him, of course,”Khorram spoke out about the attacker. “but you should know that although I did not want to say it, when I was in Syria, I would get whipped by the enemy 10 times a day and would be beaten up. I would be held up by a loaded gun. I consider him (the attacker) on par with those enemies but forgive him.”

IRNA said the attacker was a member of the IRGC’s Ashoura Corps, which Khorram used to oversee. Khorram was appointed governor for the Northwestern East Azerbaijan Province by President Ebrahim Raisi on October 17.

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