Man crashes car into US military base — Analysis

Florida’s naval air station guards activated security barriers that led to the death of the driver.

According to officials, a man was killed after his vehicle crashed into the security barrier at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The perpetrator might have fled from an incident that had been hit-and-run nearby.

The driver, who has yet to be identified, careened into the complex’s Birmingham Gate early on Thursday morning, but was quickly halted by a special protective barrier deployed by guards on duty. The driver, who was not identified, crashed into the complex’s Birmingham Gate early on Thursday morning. However, he was stopped by guards quickly. “no known military affiliation,”According to the base.

Although the military did not provide any additional details or outline possible motives for the accident, Master Sgt. Florida Highway Patrol has provided some information. Dylan Bryan said that the driver hit at least two cars earlier in the morning, and then tried to flee the site. It is less than 3 miles away from where the original run-in took place.

Bryan stated that Bryan believed the man to be from Jacksonville. “didn’t realize where he was and was just trying to get away from the hit-and-run scene.”

“No one was chasing him. [Investigators] do not believe the driver had malicious intent toward anyone at the base,”He also did not commit an offense. “act of terrorism”An “intentional breach of a US government facility,”The officer continued.

Helicopter accident near US military facility

Naval Air Station Jacksonville stated that they were investigating the incident early in the morning, but have not provided any updates on what actually happened. The Pentagon, the Navy’s own police unit, the Florida Highway Patrol and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will also join the probe, according to a local CBS affiliate.

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