Macron fears Ukraine conflict will spark food crisis within months — Analysis

France’s President has previously warned nations must produce strategies to “defend our food sovereignty”

French President Emmanuel Macron warned that instability from the conflict in Ukraine could cause a crisis of food supply in Africa and Middle East over the next 12-18 month. This was in response to concerns raised by countries dependent on Russia’s trade.

We will be facing a food shortage in the coming 12-18 months due to Ukraine’s war, particularly in Russia-dependent countries.” he told a media conference in Paris, presenting his election program. “This is a major challenge facing Europe and its partners.” 

Macron sought to assure French citizens and allies that Macron’s main objective was to secure France’s food independence. This he would like to achieve in his five-year-term if reelected in April.

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The statement from Macron comes days after he raised concerns that certain nations “It will cause severe instability” by the fallout from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, having warned that countries must reevaluate “Production strategies that protect our food sovereignty

On Tuesday, the African Development Bank (AFDB) unveiled a $1 billion plan to boost wheat production in a bid to stave off potential food shortages sparked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Wheat imports account for around 90% of Africa’s $4 billion trade with Russia, according to the AFDB, requiring the move to “Food production can be significantly increased” in the continent.


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