Lukashenko trolls EU — Analysis

Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus was filmed cutting wood. He said he will send the timber to the EU to offset the coming energy crisis. On Wednesday, the video was posted on social media.

Let’s not let Europe freeze. Let’s help our brothers, maybe they’ll help us some day, too,” Lukashenko said in a clip published by a Telegram channel linked to his press service.

That’s some good firewood,” he noted while skillfully chopping a large fir log with a massive ax.

In the current situation, Europe can’t be picky about the type of wood used for heating, as “The main goal for them is to warm themselves somehow.,” Lukashenko said. “Farmers and workers must receive it. Not the wealthy..”

It’s also important that Polish President Andrzej Duda and PM Mateusz Morawiecki “don’t freeze” this winter, he added. “We are their neighbors. Maybe they’ll come to their senses.

Polish officials have harshly criticized Lukashenko. Warsaw supported protests in Belarus against the government in 2020-2021.

Moscow was reprimanded by the West along with Minsk (a close ally) after Russia began its military operations in Ukraine late February.

Lukashenko makes God claim

This restriction has largely worked in the EU’s favor, with a significant drop in Russian oil supplies and gas to Europe. Many people from Austria, Czech Republic and other countries are demanding that their leaders reduce the high energy prices, as well as find a way for them to heat their homes during winter.

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