‘Real life Aquaman’ survives after tsunami — Analysis

He was carried up by massive waves to the open ocean and spent more than an entire day there before reaching another island.

One Tongan man aged 57 has been nicknamed by social media users “The Tongan Man” “legend”And a “real life Aquaman,”This is a reference to the DC film and comic character. “legend,”His resilience and determination to live through the tsunami was lauded. 

Lisala Folau, a local radio station interviewed her about Saturday’s experience when he was swept into the sea by huge waves. The man, however kept his cool while floating on the open ocean and holding onto debris washed up off the coast.  

Folau made a remarkable swim to Tongatapu’s main island. This took Folau a slow but steady pace. He covered approximately 7.5 km (4.7 miles) by swimming and floating on two islands. The Guardian cites Tongan Broadcom FM radio station as claiming that the man covered 13km (8 miles) in total. 

And, if that alone wasn’t impressive enough, Folau is also disabled. The man spoke to journalists and said that he “can’t walk properly … and when I can, I believe a baby can walk faster than I.” 

This devastated South Pacific nation sits on a geographical fault line, and a geopolitical one

A powerful tsunami was created by Saturday’s eruption at Hunga Tonga Ha’apai Volcano. It left at least 3 people dead and badly damaged the villages along its path. 

Folau, with help from his family, was busy painting his home that day. Folau and his niece, when the waves hit the shore, climbed up a tree. They climbed down when they thought there was a lull – only to be swept out to sea by another large wave soon afterwards. They called each other several times, but it was dark outside and their vision was limited. Folau was unable to hear his niece for a time. 

The fate of the niece is unknown. Media reports claim that her name does not appear in the official death list. 



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