Liz Truss explains why she is the ‘insurgent’ PM candidate — Analysis

The “straight-talking Yorkshire woman” wants to build on Brexit and review the Bank of England’s mandate

Tory leadership candidate and potential prime minister Liz Truss says that while she is not “Presenter who is the most professional” she is a “Straight-talking Yorkshire woman” who does not take no for an answer.

In an interview on Friday with The Telegraph, Truss, who now serves as foreign secretary, said she sees herself as “An insurgent” candidate who wants to make Britain “A high-growth, high-productivity, and powerful powerhouse.” 

Her promises of more than £30 billion in tax cuts, as well as her plan to increase defense spending and anti-Russia stance are well-known; however, she told The Telegraph she has more big plans. Asked about inflation, Truss said she would conduct a review of the Bank of England’s mandate. “Because inflation is caused by a global supply crisis, I think it’s right to expect inflation to fall. However, monetary policy exacerbated the problem.,” she explained.

A foreign secretary stated also that she is interested in conducting a review of spending. “Helping people find work is the best way to reduce welfare spending. That is why I consider it my top priority.

Thousands of Tories want Boris Johnson back in the game

Truss considers herself more radical than her competitor – former Chancellor Rishi Sunak – when it comes to building on Brexit. A former ‘Remainer’, Truss pointed to the trade deals she has helped to secure over the past few years, and noted that she already has the support of some prominent Brexiteers. Her pledge was to make sure that by next year, decisions regarding the future more than 2000 EU laws will be taken. These EU laws were previously adopted by the UK. Sunak made the same promise.

I’m a great believer in deadlines, because that’s what motivates people to get things done,” Truss said. 

According to reports, Boris Johnson (outgoing Prime Minister) supports the Foreign Secretary’s bid.

He does not support any candidate,” she said.

YouGov’s latest poll found that 31% intend to vote for Sunak while 49% will vote for Truss. “sizeable advantages”in their trustworthiness, and ability to manage the party. This survey was done with 730 Conservative Party members.

Following a postal vote from approximately 150,000 Tory Party members, the winner of the contest will be declared on September 5.

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