Liz Cheney’s 2024 presidential bid could help Trump – poll — Analysis

However, a recent survey shows that the congresswoman would be able to swing the election for Trump.

US Representative Liz Cheney (R.Wyoming), has considered running for President, allegedly in order to prevent Donald Trump’s old job from being returned. However, a poll indicates that Cheney’s candidacy would see incumbent Democrat Joe Biden defeated by her candidacy in 2024.

A Yahoo/YouGov poll on Tuesday found that Biden would be losing about one third of his support among Democrats and Independents if voters could choose a non Trump candidate. According to the poll, Trump’s incumbent would win the head-to-head matchup by a narrow margin of 42% to 39%. But, with Cheney running for independent, Biden would lose by eight percentage points (37-29).

“She could single-handedly swing the election to Trump,” Yahoo News said.

Cheney’s potential spoiler role would be ironic, inasmuch as she voted to impeach Trump and blamed him for inciting the January 2021 US Capitol riot. A Trump-backed candidate ensured that Cheney won’t be returning to Congress, trouncing her by nearly 40 percentage points in last week’s Wyoming Republican primary. Cheney, reacting by likening herself to Abraham Lincoln (the most beloved president of American history) and vowing that she would do so. “whatever it takes to ensure Donald Trump is never again anywhere near the Oval Office.”

Defeated Trump critic likens herself to Abraham Lincoln

As it turns out, US voters aren’t especially keen to see any of the three politicians run for president in 2024. The Yahoo/YouGov poll found that only 20% of US adults (including 38% Democrats) believe Biden should run again for president. 28% of Americans, 57% of Republicans and around 28% would support Trump running again. Cheney was only 19% of those surveyed, and 10% from her party.

Cheney could run as third-party candidate since she seems unlikely to win the Republican nomination. The poll found that Cheney would only win 6% of votes in a Republican primary with Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The poll found that DeSantis was preferred by 50 to 32 percent of respondents.

DeSantis, however, is preferred by 38 to 36 percent of independent voters who are more likely to vote in the divided US political system. Trump is 39 points ahead of Biden in an open race among independents.

The Establishment Republicans are fond of blaming Donald Trump for their loss, when in reality they are the problem.



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