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Hezbollah’s secretary-general has accused Riyadh of escalating tensions with Beirut and rejected calls for the resignation of a minister who sparked a diplomatic row over his comments on the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen.

In a live broadcast on Thursday, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said events in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is backing the government in an ongoing war against Iran-aligned Houthis, could not be an excuse for Saudi Arabia’s deteriorating relations with Lebanon.  

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Lebanon PM agrees on crisis-exit roadmap amid Saudi spat

Nasrallah said he would not be drawn into a debate about Saudi Arabia’s row with Lebanon, but accused Riyadh of fabricating the latest diplomatic crisis over the comments of Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi. 

Kordahi was a critic of Saudi aggression in Yemen. This interview was recorded before Kordahi became a minister.  

Speaking for the first time on the issue, Nasrallah rejected calls for Kordahi to resign, and said the minister’s comments had been “calm and objective.”He said that the Saudi-led war in Yemen had been criticised by Arabs and Americans.  

Doubling down on Kordahi’s remarks, Nasrallah said Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen’s war had been a “resounding failure”The only way to end the conflict was through a ceasefire.  

Over the past few years, relations between Beirut und Riyadh has worsened. This is especially true as Hezbollah gained power in the Mediterranean state. Nasrallah has claimed that Saudi Arabia – which could flood fuel-starved and beleaguered Lebanon with oil, should it choose to do so – was no longer a friend. 

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