Lift sanctions or no return to nuclear deal, Iran says — Analysis

Iran warned against the possibility of a revival of the 2015 nuclear agreement unless sanctions are lifted on Tehran. Talks began in Vienna to try to restore the accord.

Iran said that it is impossible to bring back the 2015 nuclear accord unless the sanctions against Tehran are removed. As talks start in Vienna, an effort to restore the agreement, Iran also warned.

Iranian representatives gathered in Vienna on Monday with those from China, France, Germany, Russia, and the UK to discuss reviving the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the Trump administration in 2018 – but hopes for any major breakthrough looked slim.

Hossein-Abdollahian, Foreign Minister, stated requirements in a statement made before the start of talks. This is if Washington abandoned the accord three years ago.

If the US does not have the ability to stop the bitter past from happening again, then the return to the nuke deal is meaningless.

“Despite the formation of a new government in the United States, not only have the illegal and unilateral sanctions remained in place, but the policy of imposing sanctions on Iran has continued to exist,” Amir-Abdollahian stated, adding Iran was acting “in good faith.”

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US issues veiled threat over Iran's nuclear program

He was curious if President Joe Biden had a similar administration. “is truly determined”To fulfill its obligations, and to be prepared “abandon the past failed policies”of the prior administration.

Robert Malley, the US ambassador, previously condemned Iran’s attempt to subvert international law. “build more leverage and then come back and say they want something better”During negotiations, warn that they are changing their tactics “simply won’t work.”

Malley informed Tehran that the US would increase its pressure on Tehran if the talks fail to reach an agreement. This is to prevent any increase in nuclear activities. Iran has been enriching uranium at levels exceeding the JCPOA agreement restrictions since 2018.

Russia’s permanent representative at the negotiations, Mikhail Ulyanov, struck a more positive tone on Monday, saying he is “cautiously optimistic”He acknowledged that a deal could be made, but that Moscow was not in the mix. “fully aware of all the problems” negotiators face.

At a press conference, Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary, stated that the current round of negotiations is “the best”. “last opportunity”Iran should agree to a nuclear agreement. 

Truss stated that the UK was committed to working with Iran, and did not rule out anything if Iran refused to sign a new accord. “flat out to prevent the Iranian regime from gaining nuclear weapons.”



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