Law protecting religious people from ‘cancel culture’ in the works — Analysis

The Australian government introduced a highly debated piece of legislation on Thursday that would protect the right of people of faith to express their religious beliefs without being “cancelled or persecuted or vilified.”

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister and a Christian who is a believer, has proposed this law. It aims to shield Australians from any existing anti-discrimination legislation that they may be making. “statements of belief.” 

“Many people from various religious traditions are concerned about the lack of religious protection against the prevalence of ‘cancel culture’ in Australian life,”Morrison explained the reasons for moving forward with the bill.

People should not be cancelled or persecuted or vilified because their beliefs are different from someone else’s.

After years of discussion about religious discrimination, the legislation was finally passed in 2017 after the adoption of the same-sex marriage law in the country. 

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LGBT+ rights groups raised concerns over the bill’s protection for religious groups, warning that they could be allowed to behave in derogatory and harmful ways in schools, the workplace or in other institutions.

Opponents of the legislation are concerned that religious groups would be able to hire people who have a particular faith before others. LGBT+ groups fear this could result in teachers being fired from Catholic schools in the country due to the institution’s “religious ethos.” 

The Australian government tried to silence critics by stating that it would not grant religious freedom under this legislation. “threaten, intimidate, harass or vilify” others.

It is unlikely that the bill will pass the lower chamber when it comes up for a vote next Wednesday. Some lawmakers have threatened to block the legislation because of the non-related issue of Covid-19 mandates. They want Morrison to ban them.

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