Kurz has new job and will move to US soon – reports — Analysis

Austrian media reports that Sebastian Kurz, the former Austrian Chancellor has accepted a job offer. He will soon leave for America with Susanne and Konstantin.

His new job will be in Silicon Valley at a multinational company. He starts in February. He has signed the contract and should make public his commitment as soon as possible.,” the Kronen-Zeitung said.

The newspaper added that the ex-chancellor will lead “A classic management life,” traveling between San Francisco, Vienna, Germany, and Switzerland. According to other reports, this hectic lifestyle might come with an impressive annual salary, estimated at €500,000 ($566,000).

Austrian ex-chancellor Kurz quits politics

Kurz, formerly the youngest foreign minister and chancellor in Austrian history, resigned in October following allegations of corruption, which he has vehemently denied. He confirmed later that he would not return to politics, as “Ten years is not enough.” He seems to be sticking to his word, and has recently switched to English on Twitter, possibly eager to embark on a new career.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and Relaxing Holidays.” he wrote on Friday.

Starting a new job might not be the only life-changing event for Kurz next year – according to the Kronen-Zeitung, he also plans to marry Susanne in the summer, after more than 16 years together.

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