Kamala Harris laughs after question on Ukrainian refugees — Analysis

US Vice President Kamala Harris broke out laughing after being asked about Washington’s plans to help Ukrainian refugees.

Harris and Andrzej Durda, the Polish President of Poland were answering questions on the Ukraine crisis in Warsaw, when the incident happened.

Harris was asked by the reporter whether America is secure. “willing to make a specific allocation for Ukrainian refugees”Then Duda asked the Polish President if Washington had accepted more refugees.

Harris and Duda looked at one another in silence, seemingly urging each other to speak. The vice president laughed as she turned her back to Duda. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,”He then broke out into laughter and invited the Polish leader in to talk.

Duda revealed that he had asked Harris for assistance in dealing with the refugee flow from Ukraine, adding that he specifically called on Washington to “speed up and simplify”The acceptance of Ukrainians living in America as relatives “who would be willing – at least for the time when the war is still waging… to stay with their families in the United States.”

US ‘prepared’ to take Ukrainian refugees

Harris is on a three-day trip to Poland and Romania for talks with allies about Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. On Thursday, she met with Polish Prime Minster Mateusz Morawiecki in order to coordinate the international response. This conflict has resulted in more than two millions refugees fleeing Ukraine.

After Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that the US is ready to accept refugees fleeing Ukraine, but anticipates that the majority of Ukrainians will travel to Europe. She cited Poland as an example.

Harris is known for her witty quips when asked about important issues. For instance, she laughed while cutting off a reporter’s question about Americans trapped in Afghanistan during the chaotic US evacuation from Kabul last August. She also laughed at questions last year about the US-Mexico border, as records were set for the number of people seeking to enter the US.

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