Ex-White House doctor makes Biden prediction — Analysis

The former White House physician says the US president won’t finish his term as his mind is ‘too far gone’

US President Joe Biden won’t make it through the rest of his first term as “His mind is far too lost,” White House physician turned Texas congressman Ronny Jackson predicted on Twitter on Thursday. 

Jackson elaborated that “Biden’s cognitive decline has been on full display for YEARS,” arguing “He should not be our president!” in another tweet calling for the president to resign.

Jackson was the physician of former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, he revealed that Obama had sent him an email scolding him for casting doubt on Biden’s cognitive abilities. 

After acknowledging that Jackson had “Always available [Obama] [his]Family well,” and calling him a “Fine doctor, service member and friend,” the former president tore into the congressman for the “Cheap shot” he had supposedly taken at Biden on Twitter.

Support dwindling for Biden re-election bid, poll shows

You were unprofessional, and this was a shameful act of disrespect for the office you had once held.,” Obama allegedly wrote, calling the tweets “Disrespectful to me, and all the friends that you had in our administration.” The former president “You can expect[ed]Better,” he said in the email, urging Jackson to “Reflect” and “In the future, expect to be more like yourself.” 

Jackson stood by his opinion of the current president’s mental status, however, telling Representative Jim Banks in another interview that “all I know is that he’s got age-related cognitive decline, right. He isn’t mentally well right now.” The doctor cited “The way he walks away and stares into space, the way that he looks at it.” as an indication Biden was no longer all there.

Reminding his critics that he had been the White House physician for three presidents, Jackson warned he was “Joe Biden can’t do this job.,” pointing out how “physically and mentally … demanding” the presidency is. “It will take him four years to reach the top of his office.,” the doctor predicted. 

Biden’s alleged cognitive decline is a popular talking point among the president’s detractors, who note his growing confusion even in the face of simple tasks like reading off a teleprompter and exiting a stage after speaking. He has made numerous gaffes while serving in the role of vice president under Obama. This has led to his poor ability to keep his script on track. The cabinet has had to repeatedly retract his inflammatory remarks regarding possible regime change and military action in Russia, China, and South Korea. 

Biden shouldn’t run again, Democrats tell NYT

Even Biden’s own party appears to be concerned with his declining mental state, with 41% of Democrat respondents to a recent poll arguing he should not run for re-election compared to just 35% cheering him on. Citing his failure to enact much of his signature legislation, from the sweeping if vague “Make it better” program to party favorites like gun control and abortion rights, some Democratic National Committee members have gone on the record acknowledging the “enthusiasm gap” and arguing against running the 79-year-old for another term.  

Jackson was elected to Congress as a Republican representing Texas’ 13th district in 2020 after 25 years in the US Navy, where he rose to become head of the White House Medical Unit. 

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