Judge rules on Ghislaine Maxwell retrial — Analysis

Ghislaine Maxill, an underage sex-trafficker, was denied a second trial by a US Federal Judge. The judge ruled that Maxwell’s juror had wrongfully withheld his childhood history.

Epstein and Maxwell were a ‘Batman and Robin’ duo, says Prince Andrew’s ex

Judge Alison Nathan declared that while juror Scotty David’s failure to reveal his experiences of being sexually abused as a child was “Highly regrettable,” it was not “deliberate.” She reportedly said that David had “He had no bias against the defendant and was able to serve as an impartial and fair juror.

David, too, insisted he did not “To get on the jury, you must lie,” instead arguing he “I flew through” an on-screen questionnaire designed to evaluate potential jurors because he was “super distracted” by noise in the jury room. Nor did he try to cover up his personal history in subsequent media interviews, going so far as to describe “a moment during the deliberations when he told fellow jurors in Maxwell’s trial that, like some of the victims of the late financier Epstein, he had been sexually abused as a child.

His own personal experiences, he told his fellow jurors that even though a victim may not be able to recall their abuse, it does not necessarily mean they lie. After 40 hours of deliberation, jurors were able to hear from several victims of Maxwell as well as Jeffrey Epstein, her accomplice in crime.

Maxwell’s attorneys, however, demanded a new trial, arguing that David’s “Hidden history of sexual abuse” had called the appearance of justice into question, and that even if he had answered the question honestly, they would raise issue with whether he was able to interpret the evidence without bias. More than a few legal analysts agreed, warning that allowing the anomaly to stand would create a “A dangerous precedent.” But after David was questioned by Nathan last month, the prosecution attempted to dismiss the whole matter as an “honest mistake.” 

The court had incorrectly claimed that Judge Nathan would be replaced on the mistrial appeal filed by Maxwell’s attorneys, initially stating on Friday that the case would be heard by Judge Vernon S. Broderick. However, it issued a correction later that day, blaming an “administrative error.

Disgraced socialite, 60 years old, was convicted of five out six charges related trafficking underage girls to illegal sexual activities. Her sentencing remains scheduled for June 2022, and while she has yet to be tried on two counts of perjury, her existing convictions could put her in prison for up to 65 years – effectively the rest of her life. 

Ghislaine Maxwell’s family ‘fear for her safety’

Maxwell, an accused of acquiring hundreds of girls to abuse for Jeffrey Epstein (deceased pedophile), was a regular fixture at his side. While awaiting trial at a Manhattan prison, the jet-setting predator was found dead in unnatural circumstances on August 2019. While his suicide was confirmed, there are many questions about the circumstances under which he could kill himself.

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