January 6 riot hearings are political theater — Analysis

Punishing domestic terrorists is a good thing – but the Democrats are doing it to distract everyone from their real failings

US viewers (except those who watch Fox News) were bombarded by coverage of the January 6, Congressional hearings. They began on June 9th. These hearings form part of an inquiry into the cause of Capitol riots which occurred on January 6, 2021. This investigation aims to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results.  

Journalists hope that the media will shine a spotlight on events that occurred at Capitol on this now-famous day to raise awareness of the political arrests taking place in the country. Politicians from the Democratic Party hope to also focus their attention on the issue. to rally their base for the pivotal 2022 midterm electionsDespite generally low enthusiasm, this November will be a great month.

As well-intentioned as any of this might be, it is horribly out of touch with where people’s concerns are. According to poll after poll, voters worry about rising inflation and COVID-19 rates, as well as record fuel prices. They are not concerned by the violence that occurred at Capitol 17 months ago.

Poll shows shift in views on Trump’s role in riot

It is clear that January 6 was a terrible day. It was alarming, and I published a piece on CGTN a few days later. The article highlighted the systemic rot that occurred when right-wing fanatics were able to launch a putsch against government without much resistance. Meanwhile, police had violently dispersed, or even disappeared, anti-racist protestors months before.

There has been a lot of news about white supremacist domestic terror since January 6. It is obvious that this threat is growing. Reports, such as one by Politico recently, suggest that some US mercenaries who are fighting in Ukraine may actually be far-right extremists seeking combat experience to fight in a civil war back home. This is apparently of concern to the US government.

This is all a serious concern – and that’s why I believe the hundreds of arrests and stiff sentences handed down to organizers and attendees are justified. It’s also why I believe there needs to be more accountability for the Republican politicians, like former President Donald Trump, that facilitated the failed insurrection.

But the television spectacle that surrounded the January 6 hearings demonstrates how out-of-touch Congress and the media have become. This means that they care more about the threat posed by the elite than about the material condition of everyday Americans, which is objectively rapidly changing. Focusing on 17-months ago after the justice system had already pursued the perpetrators aggressively does not help the public. It will only make matters worse.

What if Democratic Party leaders decided not to collude with TV executives and rehash these events but instead, they highlighted the dangers associated with Republican policies? Why not make sure that the Congressional hearings are well covered, as is the investigation into gun violence. Oder on abortion rights. What about inflation? These are all things that the American public cares about – so why not focus on them?

Congresswoman questions US democracy

This is likely due to the fact that the Democratic Party has been responsible for much of the poverty and despair Americans feel. It is often said that Democrats are eager to pass policies that could help American citizens, while Republicans keep their hands tied. When one examines this point carefully, it’s revealed to be plainly false.

The crippling student loan crisis that will soon hit Americans after the debt pause expires in a few short months could be wiped away by President Joe Biden with a stroke of his pen. But he has refused. Biden could have also supported dialogue prior to the outbreak of Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine but refused – and he is still undermining a political solution by funneling weapons to Kiev.

On guns and abortion, the Democratic Party’s leadership has actively campaigned for pro-gun and so-called “pro-life” candidates within its own ranks. A disagreement within their own ranks also led to the exclusion of the child tax credit expanded, which had been a great policy in reducing childhood poverty by half.

This again shows how out-of-touch Democrats are. In fact, the entire ruling American elite is out of touch with where people are – and that’s precisely why they want to laser in on January 6. It’s not because they care about white supremacists coming to power or threats to democracy; it’s because they’re worried about themselves, their own safety, and their hold on power.

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