Xi wants an army of lawyers — Analysis

The Chinese president seeks to strengthen his country’s legal system and train up lawyers to engage in ‘international struggle’

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for legal talent in order to participate “international struggle”Resist sanctions and argue for stronger laws and better lawyers in foreign affairs.

Writing in the Communist Party’s chief theoretical journal on Tuesday, Xi spelled out his vision for a “socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics,” recommending reforms for China’s domestic legal system as well as ways to use the law for “international struggle.”

“[We] must follow the rule of prioritizing the most urgent tasks, strengthen legislation related to external matters and further complete laws and regulations against sanctions, interference and long-arm jurisdiction,”He called also for “the construction of specialized legal teams.”

US general issues China warning

He stressed that all people have the right to live in peace. “entered a turbulent period,”Moreover, international competition has become more prevalent at the global level. “institutions, rules and laws.”Beijing needs to increase its ability to attract foreign investors. “foreign-related laws and regulations, improve the efficiency of foreign-related law enforcement and judicial affairs, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty,”He stated.

The US, the UK and the European Union have each imposed sanctions on China over alleged rights abuses in Hong Kong and against Muslim minorities in its Xinjiang province – including Washington’s Uygur Forced Labour Prevention Act, a law enacted in December which bans imports from the region. 

While Beijing has retaliated with penalties of its own, few countermeasures have been imposed on the legislative level, with the country’s first anti-sanctions law passed as recently as last summer. This law gave authorities the power to confiscate assets belonging to entities which comply with Chinese foreign sanctions and penalize those who do not cooperate with them, such as fines or deportation.

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