Jail might be radicalizing Capitol rioter even further, son says — Analysis

Jackson Reffitt, who outed his father to FBI agents, claims his family has fallen apart.

Guy Reffitt, one of numerous people facing charges stemming from the January 6 Capitol riot, may be “more enthusiastic” about his actions thanks to his time behind bars, his son has said.

Vice News spoke with Jackson Reffitt (19 years old) this week to say that jail may not prove effective in deterring Capitol rioters. His father is also being held at the Central Detention Facility, Washington DC. According to reports, rioters were kept together and bond through singing the national anthem each night. 

The prisoner’s son responded to a letter published on ProPublica in May, in which his father did not express remorse for his actions at the riot, referring to the storming of the capitol as a “satirical way to overthrow the government.”

“If overthrow was the quest, it would have no doubt been overthrown,”The letter is as follows: 

Jackson referred to his father’s letter as “psycho stuff,”It was “disgusting”For him to read.

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“Honestly, it made me feel worse about my decision, only because I feel like I pushed him in a more extreme direction. I made him more enthusiastic about what he’s done,”He stated. 

Guy Reffitt was taken into custody ten days after the riot last year, after his son sent a tip to the FBI in December about his father’s increasingly extreme rhetoric. After being contacted by the FBI, he later confirmed that his father was one of the rioters. Court documents show that Guy Reffitt, a defendant in the case, claimed that he had threatened his family during the riot. They said that they would not be silenced. “traitors”If they surrendered him.

Reffitt’s family claims that he is an associate of the right-wing militia group, the Three Percenters. 

Jackson stated that Jackson’s family has been in disarray since his cooperation with the FBI against him father. Jackson has left the Texas family home and is now living with his two sisters and mother. Reffitt stated that he was a member of the ABC News interview this week. “bears the guilt”He was able to tear his family apart.

“It sucks but I can’t do much about it now,”He stated. 

Guy Reffitt spoke with ABC as well, saying that he “loves”He is proud of his son, and hopes to have a future relationship with him. In connection with his January 6 actions, he is currently facing five charges. These include obstructing a formal proceeding and bringing weapons onto Capitol grounds. He has pleaded no guilty. 

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